The outcome of the 2020 Presidential election and a few elections for US Senator and Representative are under intense examination. Arizona is performing the first ever forensic audit of a county wide election — Maricopa County. Georgia is auditing Fulton County, which has “revealed significant election irregularities” and “enough illegal votes in Georgia to tip 2020 results.”
The end of the Maricopa County forensic audit is near, and they will make the report available to the public, at least one Arizona state senator has called for recalling the Electoral College slate for Biden. As of June 20th, the number of State Delegations touring the Maricopa County audit has reached 20. Now, Pennsylvania and four other states are preparing to begin forensic audits using Arizona as the model. One outcome of the Arizona audit is the replacement of all Maricopa County elections machines with a pledge to “never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections.”

Can you hear the avalanche building? Many items were wrong with the 2020 election. For many people including myself, the result stunk as soon as the swing states’ counting sites stopped counting election night for fabricated reasons.  

Audits and investigations are exposing voting system weaknesses, failures, and irregularities during the 2020 election. The affidavits from many citizens and the hard work by independent groups have shown the election manipulation, fraud, and interference. Now, states need to enact legislation to ensure “free and fair elections” and perfect “one person, one vote.” Many states have changed laws regarding mail-in-ballots, ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, voting times, and voter identification. Why? Because those ballots lack a “chain of custody” and have the high potential for fraud. People can vote by mail using absentee ballots. That has always been acceptable.  
Many states have implemented laws requiring voters to present valid identification to receive a ballot. Depending on the source used, between 75% and 80% of Americans support voter identification laws. All elections should ensure registered voters’ vote counts and counts only once. This is election integrity, and it ensures “free and fair elections”, and “one person, one vote.”

The left claims that the above changes are racist intended to suppress the vote of people of color and those lacking government issued identification. When in the modern world to open a bank account, access government services, obtain a social security number, purchase liquor and/or cigarettes, pick up a prescription, enter places serving alcohol, rent a car or a hotel room, use a credit card, pass through a TSA or other security checkpoint, and to collect certified mail requires government issues identification. 

Democrats claim people of color do not know where to acquire government issued identification; how to use the internet to get a birth certificate; or have the funds to pay for state identification or the birth certificate. And lack the intelligence to locate the government building issuing identification and further, cannot use the internet. The lack of funds is likely the most relevant point, but many states provide free or low-cost state identification to people over 62 and those that are on government assistance. As for using the internet, most public libraries have free computers linked to the internet and offer free help in learning how to use the world wide web. Acquiring a birth certificate is not free but is obtainable relatively inexpensively. 

Why do the Democrats only point out poor people-of-color being incapable of obtaining state issued identification? Is it because they are not white? After all, the population of the USA is about 80% white and 20% people-of-color. The number of whites living at or below the poverty line is about 14.1 million, approximately 40% more than the number of blacks (8.1 million) and approximately 30% more than Hispanics (9.5 million). Combined, the poor people–of–color exceed the white population at or below poverty line by approximately 20%. Why do the Democrats not include the poor white population in their discussion about voter laws? Racism? Could it be that the Democrats are anti-white? Or do the Democrats believe that people–of — color are too incompetent to take care of themselves? Is this not the plantation mind set of the pre-Civil War Democrats? After all, were not the Slaves just told what to do and provided with the minimum of what they needed to be working on the plantations?  

Democrats are just as racist as they were pre-Civil War. They are still using the black population to do the heavy lifting while all the time telling the rest of the world that people-of–color cannot take care of themselves. This is the plantation owner’s frame of mind.

Recently, the Democrat state senators of Texas slinked out of the state capitol by private bus and plane. They flew to D.C. and were greeted as heroes for stalling the vote on the new Texas voting laws. The cowards used government issued ID to get on the plane and traveled mask-less. These actions demonstrate, yet again, that Democrats live by the adage “Rules for thee, but not for me.” Further, Kamala Harris has extended the Democrat anti-white hatred to the rural communities of the country by stating that rural voters lack access to photocopiers to copy government issued identification -thus voter suppression.

I live in Wyoming, a very rural state (~ 520,000 population), and in a town of less than 5,000. I know of several places to copy my government issued identification. Including at my house using my old office printer and scanner. Yes, we have internet, and places have Wi-Fi, as well as interstates and mobile phones. Further, why does the government need a photocopy of my ID? In the past, I have presented my Wyoming driver’s license as proof of identification. I am marked in the roll book and sign. Then handed a ballot. Miss Harris’ statement is her and her staff’s ignorance or racist or both. I believe it to be both. It is the right and the duty of the individual states to make sure election integrity exists. The only reason to oppose election integrity? To continue to steal elections! 

Garrett W. Lindemann, Ph.D. is a conservative having survived the liberalism of academia, life sciences, and the left coast. Professionally, he has worked and traveled in North American and Europe. Previous publications include peer-reviewed science articles and articles in medical and science magazines, one self-published book, and two film documentaries. He is the author of many white papers, and inventor or co-inventor on several patents.

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