We’re beginning to learn more about the individuals who were inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan, Insurgent USA[/caption]A young man named John Sullivan was there. He’s from Utah and the founder of “Insurgence USA,” which is a group dedicated to “racial justice and police reform.” According to numerous news reports, he has a history of organizing leftist protests and identifies with Black Lives Matter.

Over the summer, Sullivan was arrested after organizing a violent riot in Utah that ended with a shooting. One of the host groups was the Salt Lake Antifascist [Antifa] Coalition. From Deseret News:

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Known Violent BLM/ Antifa Member Caught on Film Inside Capitol

Watching the events unfold at the nation’s Capitol today, a familiar face was spotted inside the capitol and was also standing next to Ashli Babbitt, the woman who lost her life when she was shot and killed by law enforcement while attempting to enter the interior of the Capitol. Three other individuals lost their lives during the protest that turned into a group storming the Capitol. The only problem is… he is definitely not a “Trump supporter”.

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