Red-state Texas remains a safe place for children in the womb but that doesn’t mean the battle to protect innocent life is being ignored by the pro-life movement.

After the landmark Dobbs ruling announced in June overturned Roe v. Wade, Texas recorded only 68 abortions during the month of July. According to the previous year, during the same time period, the state recorded 4,879 abortions in The Lonestar State.

Those figures, compiled by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, grabbed the attention of Rebecca Parma of Texas Right to Life. She tells AFN even the figure of 68 abortions is skewed because some were likely done during a three-day period when a liberal judged blocked the state law.

“What we saw from that is that only one of those abortions was performed because the mother’s life and health were at risk,” Parma advises.

The other abortions, totaling 67, were likely elective abortions in which an unborn child was killed because of financial hardship, lack of family support, or other similar non-threatening reasons.

As far as the pro-life movement in Texas, Palma says those defending life in the womb must continue to demand abortion laws are fully enforced. That also means, she adds, those children who are saved in the womb can thrive, along with their mothers and their families, in the state.


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