If you’d told me last week there were two California politicians who believed in borders, proving residency and preventing identity theft I would have thought you were auditioning for an anchor chair on CNN.

Even one actually happening would not have seemed remotely possible, yet all three were witnessed by credible observers.

Let’s start with Rep. Maxine Waters. Maxine is the Alex Jones of the left. She shows up spouting conspiracy theories that no one outside an “antifa” seance could possibly believe. But instead of being sidelined by major media outlets, Maxine is the face of “The Resistance” in the Opposition Media because her crackpot theories usually involve President Trump.

Since the networks are desperate to find an officeholder that will say aloud what reporters are thinking, they overlook the stench of corruption that has followed Waters throughout her political career.

Maxine is a stanch open borders advocate with a zero rating from both the Federation for American Immigration Reform and US Border Control. She supports amnesty and opposes making English the official language.

Maxine isn’t bothered by the fact illegals take the jobs her black constituency formerly filled. She’s also unconcerned about importing Juarez wage levels since her $174,000 salary courtesy of the taxpayer is unaffected.

That all changed just prior to a recent town hall meeting in Gardena, CA. Waters decided to join the Border Patrol when she got word that a small group of invaders was poised to jump the boundary and make their way into her district.

Waters’ staff asked for identification from everyone who pre—-registered to attend. Frankly Waters’ is one of the last offices where I’d expect to hear a demand for “papers, please.” Democrats assure us asking for photo ID before voting is an unconstitutional imposition on a citizen’s rights, but requiring a complete document workup before entering a Waters’ town hall is…well in this case it was attendance suppression.

Pre—-registered attendees that didn’t live in her district were given yellow wristbands – somehow they overlooked including a Star of David – then when the meeting began everyone with a yellow band was barred from entering.

That meant approximately 50 Trump supporters were kept outside. If only the Trumpistas had followed the example of future Democrats from Central America and claimed to be Trump refugees. Once inside they could have turned on Waters and demonstrated outraged ingratitude – just like real refugees.

This whole “Maxine Joins the Migra” was particularly ironic since the LA Times points out Waters doesn’t even live in her district.

Congressman Rod Blum (R—-Iowa), who does live in his district, was pilloried in May when his staff prescreened attendees to make sure they were residents. An ignorant local TV news poodle ambushed Blum and demanded to know why his staff was asking for proof of residency when “you represent all Iowans…shouldn’t all Iowans have a voice at the table or at least have the option to?”

Evidently the OpMedia thinks asking for ID in Iowa is Nazi—-like, but is fine with Waters only representing district residents and OneUnited bank.

The only surprising element in Waters new documentation regime was the absence of recent legal documentation convert Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Becerra’s new crackdown on false driver’s licenses flies in the face of the state’s official policy on identity theft.

I’m sure you’ve heard of so—-called victimless crimes where breaking the law allegedly hurts no one? Offenses like dope smoking, ‘ho poking and conservative stroking? California has gone one better, identity theft is now a perpetrator—-less crime, where the law is broken but no one is guilty.

State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon wants no enforcement of identity theft because “half my family would be eligible for deportation.”

Becerra has decided that there are exceptions to the De Leon rule. Particularly if you’re an Anglo and you’ve embarrassed Planned Parenthood. Xavier indicted David Daleiden on 14 felony counts in connection with his undercover expose of Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts. One of the counts included applying for a fake driver’s license using a fictitious name.

We know this is serious because Daleiden wasn’t even in possession of the license during a DUI arrest and Becerra still threw the libro at him.

Many would label these examples of selective rule enforcement and law enforcement as a double standard. While accurate, that only scratches the surface. What Waters, Becerra and California politics exemplify is Venezuela on the installment plan.

The power of government is used to curry favor with approved ethnic groups and reward correct political thinking. This continues until the money for handouts is gone or the punished rise up. Then Waters, Becerra and left will learn reality eventually resides in every district.

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Michael Shannon is a commentator and public relations consultant, and is the author of “A Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times.” He can be reached at [email protected].

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