Well, that didn’t take long — President Trump flew to Texas yesterday to view the hurricane devastation, and immediately the usual alt-left media suspects were all over him like white on rice.

It was “too soon,” they kept harrumphing. It was “diverting” resources from the rescue efforts.

Of course, if Trump visited the Lone Star State, say, today, they would be tut-tutting that it was “too late,” that he was callous, like George W. Bush allegedly was after Katrina, blah-blah-blah.

How predictable was this? It happens every time. Whatever Trump does, the Democrats and fake news media (but I repeat myself) attack him for it. If he’s for something, it must be bad, even if it was good when someone else — say, Obama — was for the exact same thing.

Let’s go down a (very partial) list:

During the campaign, Hillary Clinton claimed Trump really wasn’t a billionaire. Then, after he was elected, Hillary’s media rumpswabs all agreed Trump shouldn’t be president — as a billionaire, he was too rich.

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Obama commutes more than 1,000 sentences of gangbangin’, gun-totin’ fentanyl dealers — how wonderfully compassionate of him! Trump commutes a single sentence of an 85-year-old sheriff convicted of a misdemeanor — it’s the end of the Republic!

After her collapse on 9/11, Trump speculates that Hillary is ill — how dare he! He’s not a physician. Now, the talking heads prattle on endlessly how Trump is “unhinged,” is “psychotically demented” and may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or early-onset dementia or something. Paging Dr. Maddow! Dr. Navarro! Dr. Tapper! Dr. Comrade Chris! Stat! Stat!

Donald Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants. Never-Trumpers only want to deport one immigrant, a legal, naturalized citizen — Melania Trump.

It was fat-shaming for Trump to make sport of Rosie O’Donnell’s weight. But now it’s OK for everyone on MSNBC and CNN to rip Trump for his spare tire.

If Trump repeals Obamacare, he’s stealing health care from millions. If he doesn’t do anything, he’s stealing health care from millions by not fixing the Democrats’ disaster.

Pre-election meme: Trump’s election will crash the stock market, which would be catastrophic. Post-election: stock market rises to new heights.

Trump gives big jobs in his administration to generals like Kelly, McMaster and Mattis — fake news is shocked at this ominous militarization of the executive branch. Two months later — hey, when are these patriotic generals going to step up and stage a coup to stop this madman?

One final point. When Trump was a Democrat, the media were unanimous in their appraisal of his character: he was the greatest guy in the world. Now he’s a Republican and … well, if it weren’t for double standards, these people wouldn’t have any standards at all, would they?

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