An 18-year-old young woman is quickly becoming the most outspoken of the thousands of people who “transitioned” to the opposite sex and regretted it, and she is now facing a tsunami of hate and opposition for speaking out.

More than 20 teachers and administrators who worked in the Redlands Unified School District, located in California’s high desert, have been accused of sexually abusing students over the last ten years. Those claims were followed with lawsuits, and millions of dollars in settlements followed the lawsuits.

At a school board meeting last week, self-described “former trans kid” Chloe Cole said the school district wasted the $11 million it had been forced to pay to middle school students who were sexually assaulted by Redland teachers. That money, she said, could have gone to better causes in the community. “Instead,” the 18-year-old told the school board, “you’ve enabled this reprehensible behavior by sexualizing your schools.”

Yet the school district, which appears to have a serious, lingering problem with sexual deviancy, is currently endorsing a drag queen story hour at a local library.

Cole and the group Detrans United are currently crisscrossing the country and pleading with trans-obsessed adults to stop their behavior because innocent children are being harmed. Wherever she has an audience, the teenager tells her story: She was first introduced to gender ideology at age 11. She took puberty blockers at age 13 and underwent a double mastectomy at age 15.

It was her own Northern California school, she says, that convinced her she was living in the wrong body.

“My body,” she told the school board, “was mutilated by an ideological cult before my 16th birthday.”

Cole mocked by male trans reporter

What the regretful Chloe and others like her are up against is a tsunami of LGBT propaganda, from children’s books and open locker rooms to affirming teachers and after-school clubs. Everyone from school boards to state lawmakers are passing rules and regulations to affirm them, and disapproving parents are seen as enemies and kept in the dark.

A blistering story by The Los Angeles Blade, a homosexual newspaper, calls Chloe the “right-wing media’s darling.” Down in the story, the transgender writer speculates the 18-year-old is faking or exaggerating her medical history, being coached on what to say, and demands to know who is funding her cross-country travel and writing her Twitter posts.

The story even mocked Chloe for using phrases such as “biological male” and “biological sex” because those are “nonsense words,” according to the Blade reporter Dawn Ennis.

Ennis, in fact, is a biological male.

Despite facing that overwhelming and disapproving opposition, Chloe and two other young people participated in an October school board meeting in Ventura County, California. When it was Chloe’s turn to speak for two minutes, she pointed out the trans book Call Me Max was given to an 8-year-old Conejo Valley student without a parent’s knowledge, according to a Christian Post story.

“You are placing children in direct harm. Children deserve better,” she concluded.

So the warning from Chloe to Redlands was much the same: More children are being harmed in the name of tolerance and it needs to end now.

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