Attorney General Jeff Sessions is launching a review of so-called consent decrees – oversight agreements between the Obama-led Justice Department and multiple police departments around the country.

The riots in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 triggered the highest profile of more than a dozen consent decrees mandated by the Civil Rights Division of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, saddling the police department there with burdensome and costly oversight.

Blue Lives Matter spokesman Randy Sutton says there was little “consent” because local authorities faced a “weaponized” Department of Justice.

He says everything was about race to Holder, and he used the department to root out what he perceived as racism within law enforcement with a vengeance.

“And instead of being more concerned about crime in America,” says Sutton, “(Holder) was more concerned with his own issues about ‘social justice.'”

Under the three-month-old Trump administration, Sutton is encouraged to see the new Justice Department reviewing the consent decrees.

“I’m very heartened to see that the new attorney general, Sessions, is taking a look at the Obama-era consent decrees and the burdensome issue that they have placed on those police departments,” Sutton tells OneNewsNow.


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