There’s trouble brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska where students at a public school were told they could not fly the American flag – because it might spark some sort of post-election backlash.

Several of my astute readers sent me a link to a story in the pages of the Lincoln Journal Star titled, “Safety concerns prompt school to ask students to not fly flags.”

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On Veterans Day someone had pulled Old Glory off a flagpole on a students’ pickup truck at The Career Academy.  It’s unclear who was responsible for desecrating the flag, but the owner of the truck was concerned about a “potentially disruptive climate.”

The school district said that prompted the school’s administrators to “review the situation and make a determination that there would be potential for continued disruption.”

The Journal Star reported that administrators asked students not to fly the flag “out of an abundance of caution.”

UPDATE: Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel apologized Thursday for a decision by a district administrator to ask welding students not to fly U.S. flags because of safety concerns. He said students can fly flags whenever they want.


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