Rosenthal, the old executive editor of The New York Times, used to tell his young reporters:

“You can cover the circus, but you can’t sleep with the elephants!”

But that was then, and this is now, and the new rule for the mainstream media is, “Not only are you expected to sleep with the elephants, but you must never, ever think of actually ‘covering’ them either — just print whatever they order you to print.”

These Hillary-worshiping “journalists” who are being exposed daily by WikiLeaks aren’t reporters, they’re common nightwalkers — that is to say, hookers. Except they’re not selling it, they’re giving it away, to Hillary Clinton et al.

So many hacks, so little space. Donna Brazile of CNN, leaking debate questions to Hillary (and then claiming to Bernie Sanders that she was neutral).

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John Harwood of CNBC, a second-generation sycophant, bragging to Hillary campaign manager John Podesta how he sandbagged Donald Trump in a GOP debate, and then offering his free, worthless advice about how to screw Republicans.

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And of course it wouldn’t be a story about lapses in journalism ethics without multiple mentions of The Boston Globe, sucking up to their Democrat masters, as they did for generations while approaching assorted sleazy drunken Kennedys on bended knee.

Here’s the subject line of a groveling July 2015 missive to the Clinton campaign from a geriatric Globe editor: “Re: Boston Globe Op-Ed Page Calling.”

Yes indeed, offering the journalistic equivalent of unsafe sex.

And these pampered, trust-funded pukes wonder why they’re going out of business.

Here’s one from a New York Times rumpswab named Mark Leibovich. This bumkisser wrote a “story” last year about Hillary — and her campaign had veto power over all of the lickspittle’s quotes.

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Of course Leibovich used to work for the late, unlamented Boston Phoenix. In the pre-internet era, that STD-infected rag survived solely on hooker ads, so it was a short trip to the Times for Leibovich.

As corrupt as these media lapdogs are, the RINO Republicans deserting Trump may be even more appalling.

For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger now says he can’t vote for Donald Trump. That’s right, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California who knocked up his maid.

Flashback to this 2003 L.A. Times headline, when this paragon of moral rectitude was running for governor the first time: “Women Say Schwarzenegger Groped, Humiliated Them.”

And how about House Speaker Paul Ryan? He once lauded his predecessor Dennis Hastert as an “ethical and honorable man.”

Hastert is now better known by his Bureau of Prisons number, 47991-424. Mister Speaker is currently incarcerated in Minnesota after his conviction for money-laundering in an attempt to pay blackmail to underage males he raped while he was their high-school wrestling coach.

That’s Ryan’s idea of ethical and honorable — a serial pederast. But he can’t support Donald J. Trump. Guess he’s not as ethical and honorable as good old BOP #47991-424.

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