The organizers of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, called off their plans this week, blaming the cancellation on fears that Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) agents might do their jobs and crack down on illegal immigrants during the event.

In the wake of President Donald Trump taking a tougher stance on immigration than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, amnesty advocates have been voicing their disapproval about the increased deportations of illegal aliens from Mexico – often coming in the form of in protests at immigrant-heavy urban areas from coast to coast.

Icing the parade

Because of recent ICE raids, the parade that was slated to chart its route through the southern section of the City of Brotherly Love has been nixed, according to NBC Philly.

Over the past decade, the parade has taken place annually through the streets of South Philadelphia in late April or early May – bringing in more participants and onlookers than any other Cinco de Mayo celebration in Pennsylvania’s largest city.

Edgar Ramirez, the organizer of the parade designed to observe Mexican heritage, claims that up to 15,000 people come together each year for the celebration – from as far as Chicago, Illinois, to the west … and all the way from New England to the north.

He indicated in a recent interview that the final decision to cancel the annual El Carnaval celebration commemorating Cinco de Mayo was “sad but responsible” because of the immigration crackdown that has been conducted by federal authorities of late.

Proliferating unease

According to Ramirez, the entire Mexican-American community in Philadelphia and across the country – including those who are in America legally, as well as undocumented immigrants – are disheartened by numerous reports of detainments and mass-arrests by ICE officers.

ICE made the announcement this week that – after a two-week sweep in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – there are now 248 illegal immigrants from the three who are waiting to be deported.

Ramirez says that he and other advocates of illegal immigration take offence to ICE doing its job and removing those who have entered the country illegally.

“The group of six organizers decided to cancel unanimously,” the event organizer explained. “Everyone is offended by the actions of ICE. They did not feel comfortable holding the event.”

It’s the law

Many in the conservative media argue that with a new president in office, amnesty advocates need to get used to a commander-in-chief who cares about enforcing the law and protecting the border – as well as the citizens within he has vowed to protect within it.

“First, how many illegals are there in Philadelphia?” Townhall’s Matt Vespa posed. “Second – deal with it! Obama is gone. Trump is president – and there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Vespa argues that those promoting Obama’s immigration reform have no reason to complain about agents simply upholding long-established law.

“Enforcing our immigration laws isn’t offensive,” the conservative journalist impressed. “It’s been precedent for decades. You’re not legal; you’re out. Period.”

He maintained that the same people who are complaining about Trump should take a good look at what Obama failed to during his eight years in office.

“Moreover, it’s not like Obama was any better,” Vespa continued. “Paradise did not become hell with the changing of the guard. Didn’t he promise comprehensive immigration reform – and didn’t deliver? Yes.”

Another thing about Obama of which many liberals are unaware – or choose to ignore – is the fact that he sent illegals back over the border, as well.

“[A]nd he also deported a lot of people, too,” Vespa pointed out. “Now, there are some on the Right who would debate the numbers, but Obama did deport people – much to the Left’s chagrin – though he arguably also committed executive overreach with the DAPA [Deferred Action for Parental Accountability] and DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival] programs.”


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