“I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. This country is in big trouble.”

So railed Donald Trump almost exactly a year ago at the first Republican debate, and one year later he’s right on message.

The Republican nominee is the very embodiment of that message, and it has driven the establishment media and the D.C. old guard completely psychotic.

He has exposed a sickness in the culture that has half of the country more concerned with micro-aggressions than actual malfeasance. It’s amazing to watch.

The Democrats are caught conspiring to steal the election from Bernie Sanders, and for days we are force-fed coverage of Trump criticizing a speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Bill Clinton — whose wife was under criminal investigation by the Justice Department — stormed into the attorney general’s private plane for a clandestine meeting. Days later, Hillary is quickly exonerated by that same attorney general.

But Donald Trump said rude things about a judge and that’s a bigger deal.

Yesterday we found out that the Iran hostage swap included a huge cash payout for the regime — $400 million flown in, secretly. Iranian officials, who have openly gloated about the nuclear deal for months, said outright that cash was for the prisoners.

So what are the media and their D.C. party paramours talking about?

Trump was mean to a baby! Trump called Hillary the devil! Melania dropped out of college … and she’s naked! Trump said women shouldn’t stay with predatory bosses who are sexually harassing them (duh)! Trump was given a Purple Heart by a supporter and just, just … did that badly too!

Had Trump not tweeted a pic of himself eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, we’d all be talking about the DNC officials fired for conspiring to steal the election for the candidate who just lied again about the email investigation which was ended when her husband — who was impeached for lying about having sex with his young intern — held a secret meeting with the law enforcement head honcho.

Full speed ahead, Donald. The beast is retching wildly because you’ve dealt it a blow.

And to those venomous protectors of political correctness demanding your surrender, you should deliver the same message that General McAuliffe sent to the Germans surrounding him at the Battle of the Bulge:



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