House Speaker Nancy Pelosi barely let President Donald Trump wrap his State of the Union, and she was already putting on the show, standing dramatically and tearing a paper copy of the speech for all of the watching world to see — and then, later explaining her no-class act as the “courteous” thing to do.

Make no mistake about it. Pelosi’s performance wasn’t aimed just at the president. It was a show of disdain for all the president’s supporters — for all of patriotic America. For all the deplorables out there she hasn’t been able to control and conquer.

This is a woman who’s done nothing but divide to conquer since Trump took over the White House.

She’s called for summers of resistance; deceived the American people about impeachment — saying on one hand, impeachment wasn’t a possibility without nonpartisan support, while ultimately pushing impeachment on the wings of utter partisanship; saying on one hand the president’s offenses were national security issues that warranted immediate conviction, while ultimately allowing the articles to be held in the House for more than a month to allow her Democratic minions to pressure and shame senators into voting “guilty.” The list goes on.

Lies are Pelosi’s politics.

Don’t forget the famous Pelosi claim that Trump even admitted — practically, pretty much, almost partly, anyway — to bribery, an impeachable offense. Yet where was bribery in the final articles of impeachment?

Don’t forget the famous Pelosi speeches on the House floor to push for impeachment alongside a poster board of a blown-up American flag, while citing Founding Father principles, while speaking of her “heart full of love for America” — all the while deceiving, spinning and outright lying, committing atrocities and offenses against the very nature of the words she spoke.

It’s not just Trump whom Pelosi detests.

It’s all that Trump represents — which is to say, America First. America the Great. America the Exceptional.

And global elites, secretive, behind-the-doors’ political wheelings and dealings, shady, shadowy bargains that enrich the Capitol Hill crowd, but not the average Jane and Joe Q. American — not so much.

Trump, if anything, elevates the deplorable.

Pelosi, and her ilk, are the antithesis of the deplorable. Which is to say: the enemy of the outside-the-Beltway and outside-the-liberal-bubble people.

When she ripped Trump’s speech, she wasn’t just ripping paper. She wasn’t just expressing rage at Trump.

She was showing her fury and disdain for all the MAGAs in America. She’s forgotten her allegiance and oath of office. She’s allowed her personal ambition and quest for power overcome her ability to serve.

That she did it just as Trump actually finished saying, “and God bless America,” is only a remarkable underscore of where her heart genuinely sits: against America.

Democrats tried to justify her petty speech-ripping performance as payback for the president’s avoidance of shaking her hand. But the American people know better. Pelosi, as one Twitter critic wrote, “is a 2 [bit] partisan hack.”

It’s time for Pelosi to go. It’s time for another to take her seat. Americans don’t need politicians who think they’re better than the people who pay their salaries. And you know what? It’s almost assured voters will be making that clear this November, at the polls.

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