A conservative black activist credits “responsible leadership” for pushing back against a black activist group at the University of Missouri.

Black activists in student group Concerned Student 1950 were emboldened last November when the university president resigned amid protests about his leadership.

But now the school’s interim vice chancellor, Chuck Henson, has responded to a new list of demands with a tough-love message to the group.

“If you sincerely want better relationships, the time for demands, threats and arbitrary deadlines is over — you don’t need them,” Henson (pictured above) wrote to the group.

“People have a right to be safe within their persons, their workplaces and their campuses,” observes Nadra Enzi, a Project 21 spokesman.

When people cross the line from personal expression to intimidation, he says, that’s when “responsible leadership” should stand up to intimidation.

Henson, who is black, is the interim vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity, and equity. He was appointed last November when Wolfe stepped down.

The name Concerned Student 1950 is based on the 1950 admission of the school’s first black student.

OneNewsNow reported last year that activists demanded that Wolfe admit his “white privilege” along with a long list of other demands, such as hiring more black faculty and expanding the school’s Black Cultural Center.

Fox News reported that Henson wrote his letter at the same time the group released a new list of demands – this time with deadlines.

“There are things, like hiring faculty or staff, or admitting students based on protected characteristics to meet a numerical target, will not and cannot be done,” Henson wrote in his letter. “It is against state and federal law. It also is a bad model for a sustainable community.”

Instead of listening and debating, Enzi says of the black activists, they feel “empowered” to disrupt, threaten and intimidate people who disagree with them.

“And at some point somebody has to draw the line,” he says.


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