obama_outhouseAmerica used to be a free country, right? People could say what they wanted to say without fear of government reprisal. After all, isn’t that what the First Amendment to the Constitution is all about? Apparently not. In the world of Barack Obama, if you make fun of the president, you just might find yourself under federal investigation. That’s exactly what’s happening to a group in Nebraska.

The “controversy” springs from a float in the Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska. The float was a pick-up truck that featured an outhouse with the words “Obama Presidential Library” on it. According to a report in The Washington Times, the “head librarian” was “portrayed by a zombie doll.”

Now, consider all the problems going on in Washington that should be investigated: Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the VA scandal, and on and on and on. Yet, our attorney general, Eric Holder, thinks that this parade float should be investigated. That’s right, your tax dollars are being spent so that Holder can put government pressure on people exercising their free speech rights.

In Norfolk and surrounding Madison County, it’s hard to find a Democrat. President Obama couldn’t break 25 percent of the vote for his re-election. So it was up to the state party to take up the outrage with a fevered statement calling the float one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

Dale Remmich, the man behind the float, says it’s all nonsense and that his display had nothing to do with race. He merely wanted to portray his disgust at the way the administration has been mishandling the care of fellow veterans. “I tried to use political satire as best I could,” he told a Norfolk radio station, “but to be honest with you, it’s mostly political disgust, simply no more or no less.”

An editorial in the McCook Gazette, points out that “the Nation’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer might want to investigate some real crimes.”

The Justice Department has ventured to Norfolk with only one purpose, to discourage free speech, and to try and punish those who would dare speak out against Mr. Obama.

Free Speech, Mr. Holder, you didn’t learn about Free Speech in Law School?

And yet, there are those who want to make this about race. Any time someone says anything negative about Barack Obama, those on the left immediately cry “racism.” Just look at this local media report:

We have enough REAL problems in America. Obama, Holder, and the rest of that gang would do us all a great service by investigating all the corruption within the administration and leave the good people of America alone. Freedom of speech makes no guarantee that someone won’t get offended. Grow up and deal with it.

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