You might want to sit down for this one. A liberal has actually used some logic and common sense. Not only that, but this particular liberal has also admitted that he was wrong. What?!?! That’s right, and because he has seen the light, he writes in The Washington Post that he will stop his protest of the name (Redskins, you can say it) of Washington’s football team.

Robert McCartney is a senior regional correspondent and associate editor at The Washington Post. He is also one of many on the left and in the media who vocally opposed the Washington Redskins name. Undeterred by the fact that most average Americans are NOT offended by the name, McCartney and others continued to battle against team owner Dan Snyder. But now McCartney has seen the light.

It’s humbling to admit it, but Dan Snyder wins.

A Washington Post poll released Thursday has confirmed that the vast majority of American Indians don’t consider the name of Washington’s professional football team to be offensive.

Still, non-Indian critics like me can’t ignore the poll results or pretend they make no difference. Those who have opposed the team name include more than a quarter of Washington-area residents, along with President Obama, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser and 50 Democratic U.S. senators. Many of us thought we were defending a group that needed support. But it feels presumptuous for us to say we know Indians’ interests better than they do. We can’t credibly claim that 9 out of 10 Indians somehow just don’t realize they’re being insulted. Some Indians told The Post that they actively support the name, because its use means Native Americans haven’t been forgotten.

In light of the new facts, we non-Indian critics should stop pressing the team to change its name. We should drop the cause, even if we privately dislike the moniker. We shouldn’t let the name stand in the way of building a new stadium. If we really want to help Indians, we should instead advocate for better schools, job opportunities and social services for them.

Can you believe it? It would be refreshing if those on the left would actually stop pushing agendas that either Americans do not care about or are opposed to (being outwardly hostile to Christians, pushing for cross-dressing men to be allowed in women’s restrooms, and on and on and on), but at least in this one case, this one editor sees the writing on the wall.

If the left would actually listen to the majority of Americans, maybe this country wouldn’t be in such a downward spiral.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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