A border enforcement advocacy organization warns that unless sanctuary cities are abolished, more innocent American citizens will be victimized – and even killed.

In a recent column published in the Omaha World-Herald, Michelle Root called on the Nebraska legislature to bar sanctuary city policies that allowed a drunk illegal alien driver to kill her 21-year old daughter, Sarah, on January 31.

Prosecutors reported that the 19-year-old was charged with motor vehicular homicide, but was released on just a $5,000 bond – and then quickly disappeared.

Two years earlier, a 93-year old Omaha resident, Louis Sollowin, was brutally murdered by another 19-year-old illegal alien.

Ira Mehlman, who serves as a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), argues that those who make these sanctuary city policies need to be held accountable.

“We always hear from the people on the other side that if you enforce the law and remove somebody who is in the country illegally, somehow it is separating families — as if we don’t separate families in other circumstances when people commit crimes of course we do.”

Mehlman insists that the politicians are not concerned about the victims of these crimes, who are permanently separated from their family members.

“[These victims] are never going to see [their loved ones] again, Mehlman stressed. [They] are never going to spend the holidays with them again, and [they] are going to live with this grief the rest of their lives … all because you have politicians who believe it’s more important to make people who are in the country illegally – including criminals – feel welcome here than it is to protect the security and the safety of the American people.”


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