Today’s Democratic Party is not JFK’s Democratic Party.

They demonstrated that when the newly seated Democratic legislative majority in New York State passed a law signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalizing abortion through the due date of a pregnancy. Onlookers cheered wildly when this infanticide bill passed.

As I said, JFK would not recognize his party, which is now run by cultural and economic Marxists who yearn to install an electoral system to wipe out the opposition and give us more New York outcomes.

They already have such a system in California with automatic voter registration, automatic mailing of unrequested ballots, same-day registration, extended early voting, difficult removal of ineligible voters from the rolls, “ballot harvesting” and millions of illegal aliens on public assistance who can be turned into reliable kleptocratic voters.

It has worked so well in the Golden State to eliminate political competition that Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s first priority upon taking the Speaker’s chair in Washington was a federal bill that would force California’s toxic voting “reforms” on the rest of the nation, with the exception of ballot harvesting (more on that below).

The misnamed “For the People Act” (HR 1) would not “empower the people.” It would empower the ruling elites who already control half of Congress, most of the media, New England, New York, the Left Coast, Hollywood, the personnel departments of major corporations, and the k-through-college educational system. They have in their sights the rest of the country, which is trying to mind its own business and ignore the LGBTQ juggernaut, anti-life madness and socialist economics.

Ballot harvesting is a great way to get to single-party rule. This odious practice is illegal in many states because it allows anyone, not just a relative, to collect absentee ballots, no questions asked. Imagine an SEIU operative working his way up a street full of recently arrived migrants who don’t dare question the process.

It worked like a charm in Orange County with Democrats taking all the formerly conservative bastion’s congressional seats via late-breaking harvested ballots even though Republicans had finished well ahead in some districts on election night.

Democrats also want to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling from 2010 that allows people to corporately pool resources for political campaigns.

Proponents say they want to go after the “dark money,” but they really want to expose conservative donors, such as National Rifle Association members so they can harass them.

The model is, again, California. Donors to the successful Proposition 8 marriage campaign in 2008 had their addresses posted on a Google map. People who gave as little as $100 were harassed online and at their homes and businesses. Mozilla Firefox founder Brendan Eich was fired from his own corporation in 2014 after his $1,000 donation six years earlier on behalf of Prop. 8 was publicized.

So much for live and let live. In recent days, we’ve seen Democrats falsely vilify from coast to coast a bunch of Catholic high school kids who had come to Washington, D.C., for the March for Life and were waiting for their bus at the Lincoln Memorial.

The boys’ first crime was to wear pro-Trump, bright-red MAGA hats, which Democrats liken to KKK hoods or Nazi caps. A brief video that went viral falsely depicted the boys from Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School as aggressors, harassing an older Native American man, Nathan Phillips. But the man had walked over and beat a drum right in the face of one of the boys, who smiled and kept his temper in check.

Reaction poured in before a longer video exonerated the boys, who themselves had been harassed by a group yelling racist and homosexual-themed slurs.

Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean described the boys’ school, which shut down in the face of death threats, a “hate factory.”

“Beauty and the Beast” film producer Jack Morrissey tweeted about “MAGA kids” going “screaming, hats first into the woodchipper,” accompanied by an image from the movie “Fargo” in which blood flies from a woodchipper. He later apologized, bless his little heart.

Newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Democrat, tweeted that, “The boys were protesting a woman’s right to choose & yelled ‘it’s not rape if you enjoy it.'” According to Roll Call, “She also erroneously wrote that the students “were taunting 5 Black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants.” The tweet was deleted the next day as a lawyer threatened to file a libel lawsuit.

What does all this mean? That the left is not in any mood to take prisoners if they can destroy whoever is in their way — even schoolkids.

How did it come to this? A lot of people are so angry at having Donald Trump as president that they seem willing to let radicals like Nancy Pelosi take the reins. They had better wake up and smell the napalm.

If the left ever achieves total power, as the Democrats’ election bill is designed to facilitate, we can kiss “tolerance” goodbye.

• Robert Knight is a contributor to The Washington Times.

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