After being flooded with Muslim migrants, European countries are watching many of them return home – with the host country paying the bill.

ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel points to an ongoing program offered by European nations in which willing Muslims are returned to their homeland.

“You take Finland for example, even Switzerland for example,” she says, “where they are offering assistance to refugees who do not want to remain in Europe, who want to go back to their host countries.”

OneNewsNow has reported how migrants from the Middle East and Africa are flooding Europe, taking advantage of liberal travel restrictions and generous welfare benefits for food, housing, and medical care.

As many as two million migrants have poured into Germany since 2015, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has lectured her overwhelmed country to welcome them, and fought her own political party and right-wing politicians who are finding support among outraged Germans.

Last week Merkel called for a ban on burkas in the country and said Germany would not permit Sharia law to supersede German laws.

Refugees in Germany have attacked police, sexually assaulted women, vandalized churches and Christian monuments, and recruited for ISIS among fellow Muslims.

The country of Norway is sending Muslim refugees, most of them from Somalia, away with a paid airline flight and a pocket full of kroners.

A couple with two children qualifies for 80,000 kroners, about $11,200 in U.S. dollars, British newspaper The Independent reported.

“They’re encouraging them by tightening these laws,” Gabriel observes, “hoping that they’re going to get out, they’re tired of living in the west and say, Okay, we’re going to back to another Islamic country.”

The news story, in fact, quotes a Norway official who said refugees wrongly expected to quickly find work or receive an education.


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