President Trump says that voters who want tax hikes, underfunded police, open borders, firearms confiscated and illegal aliens harbored — and provided with free health care — and reparations for the descendants of slaves, should support Biden-Harris. He’s right: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris DO oppose Trump’s vigorous anti-illegal alien efforts and favor taxpayer-funded health care for illegals.

Biden also vows to confiscate legal firearms. Conversely, the pro-2nd Amendment Trump has kept his promises to slice illegal immigration, build the wall, and cut taxes and regulations.

Biden will raise taxes and appoint ex-Congressman Beto O’Rourke “to take care of the gun problem.” O’Rourke said, “Hell, yes, we’re gonna take away your AR-15, your AK-47.” By promising to make O’Rourke “the one who leads this effort,” Biden, in my view, will lose Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona and perhaps Michigan.

Harris favors issuing executive orders to confiscate firearms if Congress refuses, and told Al Sharpton she favors reparations. Months ago, she labeled Mr. Biden a racist and sexual predator, but now portrays herself as tough on crime – despite an anti-police record which proves otherwise. While she was San Francisco’s district attorney in 2004, a criminal gunned down police officer Isaac Espinoza. Even California’s leftist US Sen. Diane Feinstein and San Francisco’s Chief of Police Heather Fong, wanted Espinoza’s killer executed. Fong said that Harris’s refusal to seek the death penalty in this case insulted officers who “risk their lives for the sake of the public’s safety.” Infuriated cops who HAD supported Ms. Harris felt betrayed; even today, some San Francisco law enforcement officers won’t forgive her. She weakly claimed that capital punishment discriminated against minorities. But irrespective of race, Liberals effectively favor forcing taxpayers to keep alive the killers of innocent victims – despite the exorbitant costs.

Leftists falsely claim that life imprisonment costs less than executions – ignoring the reality that by limiting criminal defendants to ONE tax-funded appeal, such costs would plummet. Tim Silard was chief of police when Harris was a prosecutor. He said Ms. Harris “experienced hostility in the [police] department from the beginning,” as reported on Aug. 11 by The New York Times.

“Commanders and homicide detectives refused to speak to her or look her in the eye,” Silard said. Paul Henderson, who was Harris’ chief of administration, acknowledged that she ordered staffers to not prosecute arrests in which claims of racial profiling were made.

“We regularly received calls from officers saying, ‘We can’t believe you’re discharging this case. This was a good case.’ Well, no, it wasn’t,” Henderson told reporter Dan Hakim. But since when do bureaucrats know more than cops?

Politicians, and particularly female candidates, often change their minds. But Harris has flip-flopped on multiple issues, which will resonate with likely voters in key, swing states. She’s no moderate; in 2019, she was rated as the most liberal U.S. Senator, by www.GovTrackUS – a respected, pro-transparency, nonpartisan congressional rating website. Voters respect decisiveness and are contemptuous of blatantly opportunistic candidates who their base positions on polls or Identity Politics.

For these and other valid reasons, Kamala Harris will hurt, more than help, Biden – particularly now, as some Democrat-run cities resemble third world war zones. Biden says he’ll be among “the most progressive Presidents in American history,” which frightens many voters. Biden-Harris’s enthusiastic advocacy of what can be called pro-rioter radicalism only makes it easier for Trump-Pence to convince enough voters that their opponents are, basically, anti-American.

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