One thing that I love about the Tea Party movement is that it’s a true grassroots endeavor. Just look back to last year… People were frustrated with Obama, the Democrats, and Washington in general. That frustration reached a boiling point. The word began to spread, and people assembled and showed that they weren’t going to take it any more.

The results have been nothing short of incredible. Two gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia were followed by the stunning upset victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. All of these were made possible in part through the anti-big-government, power to the people message that embodies the Tea Party movement. But watch out! Now the left-wing has had enough, and they are forming their own “grassroots” effort to stop the Tea Party momentum. However, it’s not grassroots at all.

First, a polling update to set the mood. According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 75 percent of likely voters “are at least somewhat angry at the government’s current policies.”

The overall figures include 45% who are Very Angry, also a nine-point increase since September. Just 19% now say they’re not very or not at all angry at the government’s policies, down eight points from the previous survey and down 11 from September. That 19% includes only eight percent (8%) who say they’re not angry at all and 11% who are not very angry.

The poll goes on to reveal a key element that gives strength to the Tea Party movement: “Part of the frustration is likely due to the belief of 60% of voters that neither Republican political leaders nor Democratic political leaders have a good understanding of what is needed today.”

In other words, Washington is broken. The politicians are running around making deals, ignoring the Constitution, and spending, spending, spending. The Tea Party activists said, “Enough is enough!” and that message has picked up steam. Obama’s agenda has stalled, and the Democrats are scared. Big spending, big government Republicans should watch out as well.

In response to the success of the Tea Party movement comes a new anti-Tea Party effort. Dubbed “The Tea Party is Over,” the organization seeks to “prevent the Tea Party’s dangerous ideas from gaining legislative traction.” Dangerous ideas? That’s right. That’s exactly what the web site states at

Our Strategy is simple. This movement is a fad. Some of their ideas include the belief that programs like Social Security and Medicare are socialistic and should never have been created in the first place and that President Obama is a Socialist. Other ideas include undermining the legitimacy of the federal government in favor of a radical rightwing form of state’s rights. We need to prevent their dangerous ideas from gaining a legislative foothold. So our strategy is to spread the truth about their dangerous ideas and prevent their policies from taking root in America.

Now, for all of you who just read their “strategy,” I ask you to go back and read it one more time. Let it soak in. Undermining the legitimacy of the federal government? Radical rightwing form of state’s rights? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that what’s stated in the Constitution? Doesn’t America have a tradition of opposing centralized power in favor of more rights and opportunities for its citizens?

As it turns out, this “grassroots” effort is not what it appears. In a brilliant piece of reporting by, we learn a “seemingly grassroots organization that’s mounted an online campaign to counter the tea party movement is actually the front end of an elaborate scheme that funnels funds — including sizable labor union contributions — through the offices of a prominent Democratic party lawyer.”

The web site states that it is part of the American Public Policy Committee. “But a close look reveals the APPC’s place in a complex network of money flowing from the mountainous coffers of the country’s biggest labor unions into political slush funds for Democratic activists.”

Here’s how it works: What appears like a local groundswell is in fact the creation of two men — Craig Varoga and George Rakis, Democratic Party strategists who have set up a number of so-called 527 groups, the non-profit election organizations that hammer on contentious issues (think Swift Boats, for example).

Varoga and Rakis keep a central mailing address in Washington, pulling in soft money contributions from unions and other well-padded sources to engage in what amounts to a legal laundering system. The money — tens of millions of dollars — gets circulated around to different states by the 527s, which pay for TV ads, Internet campaigns and lobbyist salaries, all while keeping the hands of the unions clean — for the most part.

The report provides a wealth of information, and I invite you to check it out fully. The main point, however, is that the Tea Party movement is a true grassroots movement. More local chapters are popping up all the time and the members of this movement are simply people who believe that the federal government is out of control.

The response by Big Labor and radical leftwing groups is to oppose the American people by building a fake grassroots organization. It’s incredible and it’s scary. These organizations are so bent on keeping and expanding power, that they will try to crush the will of the American people in order to do so. Their entire premise is anti-American. The American people rise up when they feel oppressed by big government. Do these guys actually believe that in this climate there is a grassroots movement for more government, higher taxes, and less local control? I don’t think so!

As long as Washington politicians don’t “get it,” there will be a need for the Tea Party movement. The Constitution is being completely ignored, and our leaders in Washington have too often seemed more concerned with their own perks than with cutting the budget and programs and returning their hard-earned money back to the American worker.

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