ms13It turns out that Obama and all those who have manufactured this so-called crisis at the border aren’t the only ones happy to see tens of thousands of new illegal aliens pouring into the country. The wave of young people has also attracted the attention of gangs, and they see the holding camps as just one thing: recruiting stations.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran said, “The violent MS-13 gang is exploiting the chaos on the U.S. border to recruit new juvenile members.”

According to Moran, the gang has been using a Red Cross phone bank on the border, originally intended for unaccompanied minors to use to contact relatives: “These phones are being utilized by gang members to recruit, to enlist, to pressure people, other juveniles into joining the MS-13 gang.”

And, Moran explained, border security is unable to isolate these gang members because they are juveniles, and they are required to treat all juveniles a certain way. “We’re being told we have to look the other way. If we see gang tattoos, we’re not allowed to treat them any differently than anybody else applying to be allowed to stay here or to apply for asylum.”

So… if border security personnel see a gang member and know the person is a gang member, then nothing can be done about it? What kind of “security” is that?

According to Fox News, both the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement said this week that “they have no knowledge of the MS-13 activities detailed by Moran and others.”

And what are we doing to stop this flood into our country. Absolutely nothing. Even so-called conservatives such as George Will are starting to drink the kool-aid.

So… all of these “refugees” are 8 years old and are fleeing violence? Where’s all the news reports of the actual violence in these Central American countries? Has it changed that much in the past year? Two years? Five years? Ten years?

As noted by The Daily Mail, most of the children entering the country actually have a parent who is already in the country.

At least 80 per cent of youths stopped at the border have one parent or a close relative already in the United States, said Doris Meissner, former commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and senior fellow for the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington.

Family members already in the U.S. have saved enough money to pay a smuggler to bring their children across the border.

Take a look at this chart which was put together by the LA Times and reported on by the Valley News:

This entire crisis is not about violence in these countries. It’s about Barack Obama sending a message to these countries that our borders are open. And people like George Will are falling for it.

In June 2012, Obama issued an executive order that those who met certain requirements be allowed to remain in the country and to work. The president said it would make the system “more fair, more efficient and more just” in light of the Republican-led House’s refusal to pass the Dream Act, which would have put the immigrants on a path to citizenship.

Republicans argue that Obama himself sent a signal that the borders were open to younger immigrants when he issued his 2012 executive order.

There is also the question of whether the Obama administration ignored the signs as the emergency was developing.

The chart is pretty clear. Just a few years ago, the numbers were quite small. Then, all of a sudden, Obama acts, and there begins an exponential trend. Did the violence in those countries suddenly rise exponentially???

The last thing this country needs is more violence at the border and more strain on cities which are being asked to house this new influx of people. Obama should round up and deport known gang members immediately, and then begin the process of sending these people back to their homes.

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