Social media companies are admitting they are trimming their users to crack down on “hate speech” but many find it strange that only conservatives – including a high-profile conspiracy theorist – are being shown the door.

In an odd coincidence – or a conspiracy to silence him – Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify all removed some or all of Internet talk host Alex Jones’s posting within about a 24-hour period this week.

Some conservatives suggest that Alex Jones, a bombastic personality who claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked, is just a test case for removing others in the future.

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center says the silencing thing might be the one conspiracy that Alex Jones gets right.

“The top-tech companies allegedly decided on their own to do it, even though they announced at the same time. So that looks bad,” Gainor says. “If you were a government regulator, that’s when you’d pause. So, yes, that’s problematic.”

And it’s not just Jones. Facebook banned a political ad from a Republican candidate in California, and Instagram took British conservative Tommy Robinson’s account down. The libertarian head of the Ron Paul Institute had his tweeting privileges revoked – and the list goes on.

“The left is making a big push to deplatform,” Gainor tells OneNewsNow. “It is very much an Alinsky-kind of idea, where we’re going to harass somebody and remove their ability to speak in a public place.”

He warns it’s the beginning of a very real and very dangerous slippery slope that, when it ends, will go way beyond a bombastic conspiracy theorist.

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