The virus-weary American public learned this week the Biden administration is planning a “vaccine passport” system to prove they received the coronavirus vaccine but that plan is being called a desperate attempt to maintain control of the population at the same time Americans are cautiously moving on with their lives.

The announcement is no political trial balloon to gauge public reaction: The Washington Post reported that five officials from the Biden administration confirmed the White House is overseeing efforts by federal agencies to coordinate with private companies to implement a policy that would free Americans to travel, and to possibly to go to work, if they get jabbed.

The announcement did not go over well in Washington, D.C, where Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) tweeted a photo of the U.S. Constitution. “Here’s my ‘vaccine passport,'” he wrote.

“Is there anything more Orwellian,” wrote Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark), “than a ‘vaccine passport’ that Americans would need to travel within America?”

The controversial plan comes at the same time COVID-19 cases have dropped dramatically across the United States. To date, one-third of the entire population (approximately 96 million) has received at least one vaccine shot, which has emboldened tens of millions of middle-aged and elderly Americans to finally visit relatives and go shopping after a year of fearing the China-born virus would claim their lives in an ICU bed.

Another 23 million Americans have recovered from the virus and have carried the virus-fighting antibodies for at least several months.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced March 2 the Lonestar State is dropping executive-ordered mask mandates and business closures. That decision led the media to predict a spike in cases, and thus more deaths attributed to the Republican governor, but instead cases there have dropped dramatically.

In the state of Mississippi, known for its unhealthy and poor population, COVID-19 cases there were averaging 2,300 daily cases in January but averaged 250 cases daily as March came to a close.

Despite the promising data, and the fact that many once-fearful Americans are enjoying more freedom, the director of the Centers for Disease Control said Monday — the same day of The Washington Post story — she has a “recurring feeling” of “impending doom.”

“We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky told reporters. “But right now, I’m scared.”

Walensky was referring to fears of a “fourth wave” of the virus and was citing an uptick in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, The Associated Press reported on Monday.

COVID vaccine shotPresident Biden, who also spoke on Monday, called out governors, and state and local leaders, to reinstate mask requirements.

“People are letting in on precautions,” he said, “which is a very bad thing.”

According to CNN, which broke the news of the vaccine passport after the Post, President Biden has predicted life in the U.S. would be back to normal by Christmas. The vaccine passport, CNN suggested, would be a key to that future.

What is happening right now is manipulation of the population by a tyrannical government, says Family Research Council spokesman Bob Maginnis, a national security analyst who has authored the new book “Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism.”

“That’s what these people want to do,” he insists. “If you look at the history that I’ve outlined in there of former eastern Europe, certainly the Soviet Union, what goes on in China and just the writing of the likes of Engels, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and even some of the modern theorists that embrace Marxism, communism, progressivism and the like, that’s where we’re going.”


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