Renowned pro-family advocate Dr. James Dobson is inciting Christian parents across the United States to pull their children from public schools and protect them from the progressive anti-Christian teaching by homeschooling them and putting in church-run schools.

The founder and president of Family Talk says he is “shocked” by the declining values held by the generation of young American adult voters (18 to 34-year-olds) – Millennials who have been promoting the immoral agenda they have learned over years and decades past … one that works to erode the Christian faith of today’s youth, according to a WND report.

When recently speaking with Exodus Mandate Director E. Ray Moore, Dobson discussed the topic of homeschooling, which was just a trace movement in the tens of thousands back in the 1970s when he founded Focus on the Family. But now, the homeschool movement has grown to more than 2 million children – with some estimates, such as one given by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) indicating that the number could be as high as 4 million.

Answering God’s calling

The evangelical Christian leader told Moore – whose organization’s mission is to motivate Christian parents to homeschool their children or enroll them in church-run Christian schools – that he realized the biblical call for parents to teach from home after he began his Christian ministry as a teacher and psychologist a few decades ago.

“When he was introduced to the idea – that the biblical mandate for parents to ‘train up a child in the way he should go’ was no more or less than a call for Christian parents to instruct their own children – or have them in church schools that would teach morality – it immediately struck a chord,” WND’s Bob Unruh reported.

Dobson stressed that this bit of wisdom for parents from Proverbs 22:6 lit a new flame in him for homeschooling.

“It was like putting a match to gasoline [for me],” the conservative activist told Moore in a recent series of Family Talk broadcasts. “I got it. I saw it.”

In their conversation, Moore indicated that Dobson was partially responsible for the uptick in homeschooling that began in the 1980s.

Millennial mayhem

Since then, Dobson says schools have gotten much worse in indoctrinating children in a godless, anti-Christian agenda disguised in progressive curricula found in public education.

Those children who have been subjected to Leftist propaganda in schools in decades past are today’s Millennials – the group of voters that Moore says would have put 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the White House … if it were not for older generations tipping the ballot scales for her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Moore pointed to research conducted by Dan Smith of the Nehemiah Institute to make his case, which indicated that Clinton would have received 504 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 23 if only Millennials voted last November – meaning the president would have won just five states.

Dobson found it hard to believe the extreme Leftist bent of today’s Millennials, as demonstrated in the 2016 election.

“That shocked me,” the influential Christian shared, taking into consideration Clinton’s numerous scandals and extremist platform on abortion and LGBT.

He then alerted Christians that Leftists are winning over the next young generation of Americans.

“They [have] been propagandized and given a philosophy that – in many cases – is contrary to Scripture and what we believe,” Dobson told Moore.

It is argued that Christians are losing their foothold in society because they have given their youth over to Leftists in the education system who aggressively undermine the teachings of the Bible in the name of “tolerance,” “science,” and so-called “multiculturalism.”

“[I]t’s because, largely, of the anti-Christian influences of public schools, attended by many impressionable and unprepared Christian children for six hours a day, 180 days a year for 12 or 13 formative years,” Unruh noted. “They’re exposed to LGBT teachings, evolution, a revisionist form of American history, Islam and worse.”

Dobson recently blasted Disney and its latest cinematic rendition of Beauty and the Beast for promoting the same LGBT agenda taught in the public schools.

“I know that this isn’t the culturally acceptable thing to say – I know I will be labeled a ‘bigot’ by the true bigots of the mainstream media for believing in the Bible’s definition of marriage – but we are way past cowering under the pressure of LGBTQ advocates,” Dobson proclaimed in a “Culture Watch” warning he issued on his site last month. “As a father, a counselor and a Christian, I will stand by what I believe – for the sake of our families and our children.”

Teaching God’s way

Insisting that Christians cannot discount what the Bible says about instruction, Moore maintains that parents must assume their roles as being primarily responsible for the education of their children.

“There’s a scriptural pattern,” the retired military chaplain, who served as Lt. Col. “The Bible’s clear the Scripture assigns the education of children to the family with assistance from the church – not the government.”

Despite the common contention that many parents make – that they are sending their young children into public schools to be God’s light – Moore has reservations about prematurely sending youngsters into the frontlines to engage in spiritual warfare on public school campuses – where they are extremely outnumbered by the enemy, which has recruited countless godless teachers, administrators and students.

“[V]ery young children are not equipped,” insisted Moore, who also serves as the president of Frontline Ministries.

He went on to urge Christians to take advantage of the break Christians got through the November election – one that has caused the Democrats’ Leftist agenda to lose some momentum.

“If we don’t change the way we do education, we’ll lose the country,” Moore impressed. “I’m 73, and those coming behind us do not agree with their own parents.”

Looking at the progressive tide that swept American education during the Obama administration, Moore says that the battle is still on for the hearts and souls of America’s youth inside the schoolhouse gate.

“We believe you can make a case with data that the main reason the culture and the next generation are turning away from traditional values – from the Gospel, from Christianity – is primarily because of the indoctrination of the public-school system,” Moore expressed.

Christians buying in to a lie …

Moore is concerned that many evangelical parents have gullibly jumped on board with public schools and share the belief that the system is working to educate and develop America’s children for the better good of the nation.

“[State-controlled children’s ‘education’ … is there anything more warmly regarded by the typical American?” he sarcastically pondered in a piece he published on Exodus Mandate last month. “Right outta the Communist Manifesto, yet adored and defended by most professing conservatives in America. Built plainly upon the satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge, yet adored and defended by most professing Christians in America.”

Moore contended that Christians should be looking in the mirror when pointing the finger of blame for their children following a wayward path in their spiritual walk.

“I know … I know … it’s Common Core! … Nuh-uh. It’s not the Democrats, the liberals, or even Common Core… It’s the Christians,” he insisted. “We are, as always, the greatest enablers of the enemy. We are the most compliant tools in Satan’s quest to mold the minds and worldviews of our own children.”

He explained that Christians are often found defending the schools more than their own faith.

“America seems to be happily plunging itself and its children into the tyranny of Statism – primarily because professing Christians have proudly led the way,” Moore continued. “Rather than lead the culture in repentance and tearing down the enemy stronghold that is the satanic, State-controlled children’s ‘education’ system, it is professing Christians who are among the most vocal and ardent defenders of this child-eating, culture-corrupting abomination.”

The Christian expert on education points out that believers have grown too comfortable with the school system introducing anti-Christian teachings to their children day in and day out in the classroom – doing little to nothing to counteract the attack on their children’s faith by teachers and their curriculum.

“While there’s little left to wonder as to why unbelievers would buy into and strive to prop up the satanic lies at the foundation of the system feeding on the minds and souls of our young, what of the professing Church?” he pondered. “What of professing Christians? Why are we so into the satanic spin on the pursuit of knowledge?”

Moore maintains that Christians have rolled out the red carpet for public schools to undermine their children’s faith without realizing the detrimental spiritual effect such an influence has on students.

“The answers to that question are rooted in understanding that the professing Christian subculture in America has been radically reshaped through many decades of multigenerational rebellion against God – often in the name of patriotism, love, and even Christianity itself,” he added.” This open rebellion has been going on for so long that it is now invisible to the vast majority of professing Christians in America. It is the new normal of American culture because it first became the new normal of the professing Christian American subculture.”

Moore exhorted Christians to acknowledge the enemy and engage in the battle on behalf of their children before the war for their souls is lost. He encourages parents to take the education of their children into their own hands … and under God’s influence.

“We can’t even begin to slay this dragon if we won’t face it head-on,” Moore stressed. “We can’t find the answers if we won’t ask the questions. And we can’t credibly claim to be true disciples of Christ if we will not seriously strive to learn and obey all that He has commanded … including His many detailed pronouncements on the subject of children’s education – it’s all on us.”

He ended by calling Christians to take action and not sit idly by as the enemy works through the Leftist propaganda in the schools to claim their children.

“The minds and souls of our children, grandchildren and generations to come thereafter are hanging in the balance,” Moore concluded. “Now what are we going to do about it?”

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