Suddenly, the political landscape seems to have drastically changed. Where is smug anti-American virulence of Ilhan Omar? Where is juvenile arrogance of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Where is the bile and venom of Rashida Tlaib? And even Kamala Harris is barely visible! Outside of their own districts where they may be campaigning, these and other icons of the anti-American left are being kept far from the cameras.

Instead, we only see the “saintly dignity” and “statesmanship” of Joe Biden, presented to us on meticulously scripted occasion. And even that is amid frantic and desperate efforts to distance the Biden campaign from the emerging realities of his flagrantly corrupt political career. It is all a charade.

In contrast, the unrelenting attacks on President Trump during the “debate,” the “town hall,” and at every other opportunity, though normal, are very strategic at this point. They are meant to put not only the President, but all of us, on the “defensive.” We cannot let them take us there. That is ultimately why Chris Wallace and Savannah Guthrie were particularly venomous, particularly shameless, and particularly dishonest. The last thing any of these leftist Democrat minions can allow is a true, side-by-side comparison of the two candidates on any objective basis.

On the Thursday, October 16 “Townhall,” Savannah Guthrie of NBC had an obviously assigned mission to prevent President Trump from making his case. Meanwhile, the “elephant in the room,” was the flagrant treason of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and “Dear ‘ol Dad’s” obvious complicity in all of it. Yet Biden has not faced a single question in regards to it from the Fake News cabal. This abhorrent situation has also been vigorously ignored by their leftist “social media” lackeys, who are doing their own part to suppress any open, honest consideration of its obvious criminality.

Facebook and Twitter went into high gear, suppressing any mention of the New York Post story on the treachery of the Biden crime family. Both social media monopolies suspended accounts and silenced references to the wholly newsworthy information. America needs to be asking questions! Why is it so important to prevent America from seeing and fully understanding the ugliness and filth of Biden’s crooked dealings?

Still, in defiance of the leftist Fake News cabal and their social media collaborators, we must consider all if it, both from the perspective of just how corrupt and contemptuous of the law Biden has been throughout his five decades of bilking the system for personal gain, but also as it foreshadows the agenda of leftist Democrats in general, as they seek to steal the nation itself from us. If leftist Democrats such as Biden will engage in such disgraceful lawlessness for their own gain with absolutely no pangs of conscience, how much more are they willing to wield the force of a despotic government under their total control, in order to permanently eradicate any opposition to them?

Clearly, the horrendous overreaches and flagrant abuses of power during the whole Mueller/”Russians” hoax and the sham impeachment debacle that followed are but the tiniest glimpses of how these leftist Democrats would treat everyone and anyone across the land, who dared interfere with their agenda. The destruction of real evidence, the deliberate harassment, persecution and incarceration of “witnesses” in order to obtain their “confessions,” and the intention to use such abominations of the Constitution and justice in order to oust a duly-elected President are ominous signs of the potential end of our Great American experiment.

Any form of “democratic” selection of office holders will only work if both sides truly respect the validity of the other. Throughout the past four years, leftist Democrats have unequivocally proven that they have zero regard for the worthiness of free Americans, including their own minions, in any capacity other than as foot soldiers for their onslaught against our nation. But in truth, the leftist Democrat efforts to supplant the will of the American people have been going on much longer than that.

The willingness of leftist Democrat political players to embrace the Alinsky strategy, going back at least as far as Hillary Clinton in 1992, is inarguable proof of just how dangerously low they will sink. As I explain in my book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” the goal of the left is not to persuade the majority of the American people, but to fool just enough of them for long enough to gain access to power, which they plan to never relinquish.

On Thursday, October 16, radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh described a phone call he received from a leftist “reporter,” wanting to ask him if he would admonish his vast audience to peaceably comply, if the Democrats win in November. Limbaugh focused on the audacity of the question, but sidestepped the underlying threat it contained. Leftists are telling America that when they seize power, no matter by what means, we must accept their authority and unquestioningly submit to it.

Never forget that the disturbing signs of lawlessness and upheaval all around us are no less a signal of imminent danger than the despicable nature of Joe Biden the old creep, Joe Biden the corrupt career politician and Joe Biden the sock puppet of the leftist Democrat political machine. They are just a small harbinger of the unspeakable evil that would inevitably befall America on his coat-tails, were he ever to gain access to the levers of power. If we want to keep our Nation, we cannot allow that to happen!

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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