It is obvious that leftist Democrats now think they have their perfect issue to demagogue for 2020. All of their contrived hysteria over the prospect of a massive outbreak of Corona Virus is being asserted under the phony auspices of “grave concern” for the plight of the lowly masses. Yet as with all professed leftist “compassion,” their transparent grandstanding is just a bit too enthusiastic and jubilant. It is clearly agenda driven, not with any interest in the American people, but for the sole purpose of gaining politically from it.

The parallels are glaringly obvious between leftist proclamations of calamity for humanity as a result of a massive pandemic, and the doomsday predictions of the “Global Warming” scam. Both the tenor and intent of their claims are too striking to be a coincidence. Nor is it an accident that the key players in both presumed catastrophes are overwhelmingly the same people. Leftists thrive on calamity, whether real or contrived, as the primary weapon by which to manipulate the citizenry on a large scale, in order to convince them that their only recourse is to abandon life, liberty (especially liberty), and the pursuit of happiness, in order to meagerly survive.

The primary difference between “Global Warming” and the Corona Virus scare is that of time, both past and future. In the case of Global Warming, the scam has been demagogued for far too long to continue having its maximum emotional impact. Leftist cries of “The Sky is falling” have gone on for decades, with panicked warnings that after particular dates, humanity cannot escape massive drowning along the coastlines due to rising sea levels, or entire populations withering under the blistering heat of an uninhabitable planet. Many of those apocalyptic deadlines have already passed, and yet people are not only surviving, they are going about their day-to-day lives in general happiness and prosperity. At least that is how life is outside of leftist/Democrat dominated jurisdictions.

For any new “End of the World” climate change scenarios to have mass appeal, the timetable for future calamity needs to be extended. It is less and less effective to try to make people believe that it’s all “just around the corner” when things clearly are not that bad, and absolutely none of the previous predictions have come to pass. In stark contrast to the planet becoming an incinerated “Hell hole,” the best the left can come up with at present is contrived statistical alarmism, such as the frequently cited “third warmest month of March in the past hundred years,” and other similarly boring platitudes.

In contrast, if the professed ravages of the Corona Virus are to befall humanity, the timetable might be much shorter, and in a “best case scenario” (at least for Democrats), could ensue in sufficient time to affect the 2020 Presidential Election. And whether real or contrived, that is their real hope. Once this aspect of the disease becomes apparent, the exuberance of the Democrats can be more readily understood for what it really represents.

What does it say about a political ideology, that it can only thrive in an atmosphere of misery and human suffering? Yet that is precisely the basis on which the leftist agenda must advance. A healthy, functioning society in which people are responsible for their well-being and can devote time and effort towards the pursuit of their dreams, ought to be the goal of every public office holder. However, if the goal of a political movement is to have as many people as possible beholden to those in power for basic needs, it is essential that such things are not in abundance outside of government.

So leftists, who promote themselves and their vision for humanity as its salvation, must ensure that people are always in a position of needing “saved” from something. In the best of times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.-NY) have insisted that President Trump has been committing egregious crimes against humanity, and causing horrendous pain and anguish. It is no surprise that given the possibility of a global outbreak of a potentially fatal disease, their first priority is not to work to allay fears and ensure that resources are used in the best interests of the general public, but instead to fan the flames of fear, in hopes of presenting themselves as the rescuing heroes of the masses.

Not surprisingly, the leftist Fake News cabal is working in total concert with the Democrats, also laying blame for any dire consequences of the Corona Virus at the feet of President Trump. Yet we are supposed to Unfortunately, President Trump and the conservatives are forced to fight a battle on two fronts. First, they must of course take any necessary action to protect Americans from a possibly harmful virus. But they simply cannot focus solely on it. Concurrently, they must sound the clarion call to Americans, who need to understand how a cause for concern is being turned into a bogus “crisis,” for the sole purpose of manipulating them. And if it blows over, as is by far the most likely scenario, the shameless grandstanding of arrogant leftists must be forever spotlighted as the enormous (and quite possibly the only) real harm to be suffered by Americans. There is an invaluable lesson to be learned here.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years, and is author of the book Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture which is a guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left and is available at

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