A Canadian activist says his country’s new prime minister has kept his campaign pledge for the country to house thousands of Islamic refugees.

Justin Trudeau has ordered the Canadian military to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants at military bases.

The far-left prime minister is also pledging to build taxpayer-funded mosques as well as provide Korans, prayer mats and foot washing towels.

There are even reports that Canadian military personnel have been sent eviction notices to make way for their Muslim replacements.

Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, says we’ve already seen what has happened in places such as Paris.

“We don’t want this kind of terrorism in Canada and North America,” he tells OneNewsNow, calling the situation a “grave security concern.”

Once those Muslims get into Canada, he says, their access across North America is pretty close to free.

Funds are allocated in the Department of National Defence for “religious support” that includes taxpayer supported mosques,reports Jihadwatch.com, the Islamic watchdog website.

The problem of assimilation was evident in Germany just three weeks ago, when hundreds of Muslim men sexually assaulted women across the country during New Year’s Eve festitivies.

A prosecutor in Cologne has reported 73 suspects have been identified, and most are from North Africa.

More than 1,000 criminal complaints were filed, including charges of rape and robbery.

Meanwhile, German citizens are now cheering as a refugee center burns to the ground and a Danish journalist explains (see video below) that Sweden has 53 “no-go” areas controlled by Muslims where police are not permitted to enter.

“One of the world’s best countries has in just one generation been destroyed by their own politicians, and a completely inept, incompetent and cowardly press,” complains journalist Jeppe Juhl.

The refugees have no skills that contribute to Europe while liberal European leaders lack the common sense to see the problem, says Bob Maginnis, a national security expert with the Family Research Council.

“They’re bringing people in that won’t assimilate,” Maginnis says of native Europeans. “So they’re going to lose their culture and they’re going to become a minority.”

Regarding Canada’s new prime minister, McVety likens Trudeau’s election to President Barack Obama’s seven years in office.

“I like the phrase, The people have voted and now they must be punished,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Why? Because we’re punished by our own stupidity.”


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