There is snowflake wailing and gnashing of liberal teeth in the second week of Donald Trump’s presidency, but in California they’re really going bonkers over a Trump presidency.

The famously liberal state is moving ahead with plans to secede – yes, like first Southern state did 157 years ago – and form a separate country rather than live as a state of the United States of America.

The movement is known as the “Yes California Independence” campaign.

With the approval of the California secretary of state, secession backers are currently collecting 600,000 signatures to put the issue on a 2018 ballot.

A poll conducted by Reuters found that 32 percent of Californians surveyed told the pollster they back the idea of forming a separate country.

Could it really happen?

“It is a possibility,” says attorney Brad Dacus, whose Pacific Justice Institute battles left-wing causes in the state’s courtrooms.

“Californians are very extreme,” says Dacus of the Golden State. “Californians are very reactive, especially to Trump as president.”

California is also broke. The state has $400 billion in unfunded liabilities and debt according to The Washington Times, and it was reported in recent days than a supposed bookkeeping error undercounted the state’s deficit by nearly $2 billion.

Beyond  the irony of liberals demanding the right to leave the Union is that the Left mocked the state of Texas for weighing secession during the Obama presidency.

“Secession movement: It is neither cute nor funny,” declared a 2013 headline at the left-wing Huffington Post.

Some northern portions of California, eager to separate from the liberal state, have demanded the right to form a separate state known as Jefferson.

Dacus says it’s doubtful that a Republic of California would fare well economically, and what’s left of the Democrat Party in the remaining states would feel the pain of losing so much Calfornia-based influence.

“Democrats would in the long-run be mournful of it,” he advises, “because without California they cannot win the White House under any scenario.”

Many conservatives are likely encouraging California to form a separate country for that very reason, he adds.


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