President Biden — desperate to turn around his dismal approval ratings — is going on the late-night talk show circuit for his first softball network interview in four months.

Biden is scheduled on Wednesday to sit down with Democratic Party enabler Jimmy Kimmel for what amounts to the first leg of an image rehabilitation tour to rescue his floundering presidency.

It should be a layup for any competent politician, but this is no Barack Obama or Bill Clinton we’re talking about.

Biden has proven himself to be shaky at answering even scripted questions and Kimmel will no doubt try to comply by lobbing some hanging curves just waiting to be hit out of the park.

But will Biden again swing and miss? There are plenty of potential pitfalls of the Kimmel interview, like tripping on stage, walking the wrong way, shaking hands with someone who’s not there, and calling Kimmel “Johnny.”

Biden and his handlers are obviously hoping his incredible personality will win over voters worried about rising gas prices, crime and inflation.

Good luck with that.

The interview comes amid increasing reports that Biden and first lady Jill are frustrated at his sinking approval ratings, which are even worse than former President Trump’s numbers at this stage of his presidency.

It’s Biden’s first network sit-down interview in 118 days, since a Super Bowl interview with NBC that imploded when Biden couldn’t answer some basic questions from host Lester Holt.

Kimmel openly supports Democrats and will undoubtedly get in some questions about Biden’s favorite ice cream and his aviator shades. There are also bound to be questions about gun control, giving Biden a chance to rip Republicans.

Obama could handle the jokey, late-night format with hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert but Biden can’t pull it off.

The only question is will Kimmel’s ratings fall faster than gas prices are rising.

American voters, who go to the polls this fall for the midterm elections, are fed up with the rising cost of living and driving and Biden has been unable to get it under control.

Biden reportedly is incensed that his aides have been forced to walk back his off-the-cuff comments, like when he said Russia’s Vladimir Putin “cannot” remain in power.

Biden also gaffed his last interview with NBC’s Holt, who pressed the president on his previous claims that inflation was just temporary.

“I think a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary is,” Holt said.

“Well, you’re being a wise guy with me a little bit,” a chagrined Biden responded.

Biden’s interview with Kimmel will be taped at the El Capitan Entertainment Centre in Hollywood, sparing him the discomfort of doing it live late at night.

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