It is no exaggeration to state that, in the eyes of leftist Democrat politicians, their media minions, and the counterculture, “success” in the Wuhan Flu “pandemic” is not defined by eradicating the virus, but by destroying America. The blatantly political and ideological lines that have been drawn in every single aspect of this crisis make such a grim conclusion inescapable.

From the moment those nightmarish leftist accounts and predictions of the disease on the nightly “news” began to gain traction and incite the desired fear among Americans, the goal of the entire leftist political establishment has been solely to convince the nation that a massive disaster, resulting from a virtual plague, was imminent. We were told we were on a course for unimaginable illness, suffering and death, and only a total abandonment of our livelihoods, our freedoms, and ultimately, our Constitution would suffice to appease the monster that was waiting to devour us. Sadly, the ruse worked.

Initial projections from the “experts” at the highest levels of government, supported by those other medical professionals deemed worthy to appear and pontificate on Fake News outlets, were of half the nation’s population contracting the virus in the short term, with at least twenty million or more Americans eventually dying from it. In response, the nation (along with most of Western Civilization) promptly shut down and went into hiding.

So far, so good, according to those “experts.” However, with each elapsing week, and despite the country being pounded 24/7 on virtually every “news” program with death toll scoreboards ticking relentlessly upward, nothing even remotely approaching the horrific predictions has occurred. In response, several other malicious tactics were launched on the nation, to overcome the growing skepticism of the public. The few “hot spots” such as New York, where actual occurrences of the virus have spiked, became the sole focus of reports. Their portrayal as apocalyptic harbingers of what the rest of the nation would soon face in a matter of days, or at the most, weeks, have been relentless.

The disease is real. Yet its actual lethality looks to be perhaps one fiftieth that of original warnings. To date, the vast majority of suffering and harm to Americans has resulted only from the extra legal, and often flagrantly unconstitutional edicts that have been issued to the country.

No matter. The leftist Democrat goal is to conduct the 2020 Presidential election against a backdrop of social disaster, crushing unemployment, and prophesies of only more of the same under the horrendous incompetence of Donald Trump. Any lies and abuses of power necessary to make that case are thoroughly warranted and justified.
It is only in this manner that some seemingly “inexplicable” leftist Democrat reactions to truly good news, such as the widespread successes of the drug Hydroxychloroquine, can be understood. With each positive report of its effectiveness and the lives it has saved, the entire leftist establishment has reacted not merely with skepticism, but with derision, mockery, and unrestrained hostility.

Still, the fog of fear is lifting. The moment paper products began to reappear on grocery store shelves, a glimmering feeling of normalcy and optimism began to return to Main Street. And as days pass without those streets being littered with unattended bodies, people are starting to ask how we got to this place. Such questions are dangerous to the ruse that has been this leftist Democrat war on American greatness. The increasing panic among the political left is the greatest evidence that those questions need to be asked.

On what basis did “We the People” allow the great engine of economic prosperity and freedom to be totally shut down, other than the scare mongering of leftists who have “cried wolf” so many times over recent decades, with zero evidence or credibility? Why, with their calamitous forecasts thoroughly debunked for this crisis, along with all the others, should we continue to operate under the guidance of their discredited “expertise”? And don’t fall for any of their sanctimony and hypocrisy of “If it saves only one life,” coming as it does from the crowd that castigated such statements as “Hate Speech” when any attempt was made to apply behavioral controls to the spread of AIDS.

Nor do they allow any discussion of all the other ways people are truly suffering, and even dying, as a result of current policy. The left has dutifully suppressed all statistics on the spike in suicides during this period, which can inarguably be attributed to the iron-fisted controls and restrictions that have descended on our once free society, along with the devastation of businesses and livelihoods. Those are lost lives as well. But they are wholly irrelevant to the left, since they cannot currently be leveraged in service to its agenda.

As to the “experts” themselves, it is dangerous to presume them to be inherently non-ideological and agenda driven. When was it determined that America should blindly follow the lead of a presumed “medical commissar”? The ever present Dr. Fauci has a long track record of fealty to hard-core Democrats such as Hillary Clinton. This alone should discredit him in the eyes of the American public. Yet he continues to grasp and seize the reins of power, and predictably wields that power in a singular direction that only benefits one political party.

Fauci, explaining his opposition to reopening the economic engine of America, recently asserted that “The virus sets the timeline.” With all previous hysterical forecasts having since been proven totally bogus, it is clear that it is not the virus, but those with a personal political agenda who are “setting the timeline” and claiming to speak for it, certainly not with the good of the people in mind.

As pro-America governors across the land are starting to remove the shackles, while blue state despot wannabes continue clamping down with ever greater ferocity, the nation will be able to see, within its own borders, a “side by side” comparison of right and left. This will reflect not only the different responses to the disease, but all aspects of the “general welfare” of Americans. This is a nightmarish prospect for the political and cultural left because the honest and the dishonest among us will be thoroughly exposed and unmasked.

Americans need to then hold accountable all who have deceived and manipulated them during this calamitous time. It is the only way of preventing regular recurrences of this disaster, regardless of any virulent future plague that may or may not suddenly appear in our midst.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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