In my book Rules for Defeating Radicals (Available at Amazon), I devote an entire chapter to the strategic importance to the left of destroying the moral certitude of Americans. Marxism, the real end game of leftists, is now fully embraced by the Democrat Party. But it cannot be successfully advanced in the environment of Judeo-Christian principles on which this nation was founded. Hence, those despised precepts of right and wrong, which have uplifted mankind throughout history, must be abolished.

One need only consider the insanity of the last five months to know where this would take the nation if it ever gains uncontested dominance. The needlessly oppressive “lockdown” of the economy, ostensibly for the safety of the people, is but a glimpse of the iron-fisted subjugation of the people that would occur with leftist Democrats in charge. And the flagrant manipulation of information, to bolster claims of a vast plague on humanity, is minor in comparison to the wholesale misinformation campaigns that have occurred under the tyrannical rule of those that leftist Democrats admire and seek to emulate.

Americans are rightly appalled at the ability of Blue state governors to make up edicts as they go, selectively trampling the rights and freedoms of those they dislike, while granting “license” for thoroughly criminal behavior on the part of their leftist allies. But it is crucial to understand that this current chaos did not happen overnight. This behavior was given a “green light” over the span of several decades, as smaller abuses of public power were met with silent compliance and indifference by the citizenry, despite being total abominations to the Constitution and the rule of law.

It was 1963 when an activist Supreme Court chose to supplant the plain meaning of the First Amendment with the deliberately distorted “separation of Church and state,” and Christian prayer in government schools was declared verboten. American Christians were outraged, but overwhelmingly silent, and few opted to remove their children from the Godless environment that was suddenly declared to be the definition of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So why should people be surprised that the onslaught continued from there? Currently, in California, hard-leftist Governor Gavin Newsom has outlawed singing in Churches. Public health reasons of course.

For several years now, Americans have faced legal repercussions for simply telling the truth, calling a man a “man” when he wants to be called a “woman,” or refusing to participate in practices that are a direct and deliberate affront to their Christian faith. But those were isolated cases, so the average person on “Main Street” believed it was possible to heave a sigh and go about his business… for the moment, at least. Maybe the problem would just “go away” at some point.

However, those who held to such a view were naive or ignorant to the absolutely consistent track record of the leftist agenda, and relentless force by which it is advanced. The notion of “Live and let live” is foreign to leftists, and it is only professed on occasion by them in order to get conservatives to drop their guard. The “common ground” that we are piously extolled to seek does not exist, and it never has. The goal is always to get our side to capitulate, at which point real morality and truth is cast off, to be supplanted by leftist dogma.

Against this backdrop, it is no coincidence that virtually the entire moral debate in which America currently finds itself centers around the wearing of masks. Leftist Democrat “moralizing” is always selective and agenda driven. It is never about arriving at truth, but only ever intended for them to claim their phony “moral high ground,” from which they issue lying and perverted edicts to us. It is appalling that decent Americans ever allowed them to do this!

The enormous pressure being placed on the Governors of South Dakota and Georgia, demanding they reverse their opposition to the mandated use of masks, and all other “lockdown” excesses, is proof that the entire mask ruckus is not about keeping people safe, but is an effort to establish, once and for all, which side between right and left actually occupies the “moral high ground.” Achieving this “standing” is essential to the success of the leftist Alinsky strategy.

Leftist Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.-CA) is introducing an amendment to the latest Wuhan Flu relief bill, which would deny all funding to states that don’t mandate the masks. Again, this is only intended to increase the pressure against the right. And who knows? Maybe some RINO traitors will jump onto the bandwagon and make it happen. But given the real priorities of the left, this would be a disaster, and enormously costly to our side.

If the left can win this, they will shamelessly (but credibly) declare themselves to be the true champions of the health and safety of Americans. From that position of advantage, they will immediately drag every moral abomination onto their bandwagon of presumed “virtue,” including abortion, same-sex “marriage,” open borders, societal collapse, and of course socialism/Marxism itself. Opposition to any of those moral atrocities will be universally characterized as directly causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of disease victims.

Following the timeline of all the recent chaos, it becomes abundantly clear that everything we are seeing is the inevitable outgrowth of the leftist Alinsky Strategy in the midst of “crisis,” whether that crisis is real or contrived. Meanwhile, as to the numbers of Americans actually getting sick or staying healthy, who cares?

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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