The appearance Monday of FBI Director James Comey before a House committee is an attempt to derail the Trump presidency, say a pair of political observers.

During his testimony, Comey confirmed that the FBI is currently investigating possible coordination between Russia and associates of President Donald Trump as part of a broader probe of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.

That may be the “big news” from the hearing, Gary Bauer writes in his March 20 “End of Day” commentary, but that’s in fact “old news” that the media has been reporting on for weeks, he claims.

“Why are the left and the media treating this old news as if it is new news?” Bauer writes. “The reason is that this investigation has one purpose – to make Donald Trump’s election and your vote for him illegitimate.”

Complicating the issue is Trump’s claim that he was the target of a “wire tap” by the Obama administration, though Comey stated Monday that neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice were monitoring Trump.

Some political observers have pointed out, however, that there are more than a dozen federal agencies that could have monitored Trump, not just the DOJ and FBI>

Democratic leaders and the media have demanded that Trump prove such a claim, and some Republican leaders have also told Trump to back up his claim.

Yet a story in The New York Times, published on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, describes how two Trump campaign aides and his then-campaign manager were being investigated by federal agencies for their alleged ties to Russia. The headline, in fact, used the word “wiretapped.”

Trump cited the story in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson about his claims.

American Center for Law and Justice attorney Jordan Sekulow says the matter is further complicated after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, relying on an acting deputy attorney general who is an Obama holdover.

“This is all to undermine the Trump administration,” Sekulow warns, “to keep these secondary officials from being confirmed, which means you really don’t have control of your government.”

To downplay the Times story about wiretaps, fellow left-wing newspaper The Washington Post helpfully reported March 17 that Trump twisted the Jan. 20 story.

“It may not have been technically a wiretap in the legal sense of what a wiretap is,” says Sekulow. “But there are digital ways to gather data now and other surveillance.”

In his “End of Day,” Bauer describes the left-wing plan after Election Day:

Hillary Clinton was supposedly destined to be president. She was supposed to finish the left’s job of transforming America. But on November 8th, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and 63 million Americans said, “Not so fast!” Ever since that moment, the left has been trying to delegitimize this president, his administration and you.


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