It was silly, but I was really hoping 2022 would be different.

A new year. A fresh start for America.

And an end – or at least a brief armistice – to the nasty political civil war that has tortured us for the last two years.

But after experiencing less than 12 hours of 2022, I came to my senses: On Jan. 1, I tweeted, “New Year, same BS.”

That’s how long it took FOX, CNN, CBS and the rest of the national media to show me that the only thing that was going to change about the year 2022 was the number.

Everyone in America is still mad at everyone else.

The country is still split into red and blue political camps. It’s still split into the vaxxed and unvaxxed.

And while the Biden administration continues to try its damnedest to wreck everything that still works in America, Donald Trump is still driving the Democrat Party and the media crazy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proved how much Trump’s ghost haunts them on Thursday morning when they delivered their equally awful speeches marking the anniversary of Jan. 6, 2021.

You remember “Insurrection Day”? Unless you’ve been in a coma for a year, how could you forget?

It was the day our Capitol building in Washington was burned to the ground by an armed mob of Trump supporters who killed dozens of Congress people, overturned the 2020 election and destroyed American democracy forever.

In the real world, of course, it didn’t actually happen like that.

But Biden, Harris, the Pelosi-Schumer tag team in Congress and the media want to make sure 1/6 becomes a day that will live forever in infamy – like 12/7/41 or 9/11.

That kind of laughable rhetoric really helps to unite our politically divided country, doesn’t it?

So does insisting on calling 1/6 an “insurrection” instead of what it was – a peaceful political protest that exploded into a dangerous and disgraceful riot whose only fatality was an unarmed Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot to death by a Capitol police officer.

No one in politics with half a brain and an ounce of power was ever in favor of what happened in Washington on 1/6.

No one on the left, no one on the right. Not President Trump, not even Sean Hannity.

In fact, for the first time probably since 9/11, FOX and CNN were actually on the same political page.

Republicans and conservatives repeatedly have said the Capitol riot was a disgrace to America and that violently crashing the Capitol was wrong.

They’ve also said – repeatedly – that those who broke the law should be arrested and charged – fairly and equally – with trespassing, attacking police or whatever appropriate crime.

Unlike the left’s sympathetic and hands-off reaction to the deadly and destructive nightly riots in a dozen American cities in the summer of 2020, Republicans have been consistent on how to react to mob violence.

Republicans condemned it in those blue cities and at the Capitol on “Insurrection Day.”

But for the Democrat Party and its flock of parrots in the media, the “deadly” insurrection of 1/6 Trump supposedly fomented has become a myth they are never going to let the country forget.

1/6 is their new national holiday. A day they can memorialize – weaponize – each year for decades for purely partisan political reasons.

For now, Democrats know 1/6 is the only propaganda weapon they have left to distract the public’s attention from the Biden administration’s never-ending list of failures.

But ordinary Americans don’t care about marking the anniversary of “Insurrection Day.” They know a fake insurrection when they see one.

They’re more worried about things that are real and things that really matter to them – today. Things like the rising price of gas and hamburger and Biden’s bungled war on COVID.

Anyway, don’t tell the Democrats. But last fall ordinary Americans across the country started a real insurrection that’s long overdue – a worthy revolution by parents who aim to break the power of public school boards and the teachers unions and retake control of their kids’ educations.

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Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to [email protected] and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.

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