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U.S. to pay 1M to family of illegal alien teen who died while in custody

Mar 23, 2017 37

(UPI) — The U.S. government has agreed to pay $1 million to the family of a Mexican teenager who died after drinking liquid methamphetamine when U.S. Border Protection officers told him to prove it

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FILE-  (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

McCain Supports Comey, Criticizes Nunes for Revealing that Intelligence was Illegally Distributed

Mar 23, 2017 23

Sen. John McCain says it is “disturbing” that the chairman of the House intelligence committee is publicly airing often-secret information. McCain spoke Thursday on NBC’s “Today Show,” responding to Republican Rep. Devin Nunes’ statements

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Fire fighters in the suburb Rinkeby outside Stockholm, February 20, 2017. Several cars was set in to fire after a riot in Rinkeby.  The turmoil started when the police was going to arrest a man in the area. They where attacked with stones and forced use weapons. Several stores was looted and a least two persons was abused during the night.
Photo: Christine Olsson / TT

Swedish Police Afraid to Work at New Station in No-Go Zone

Mar 23, 2017 10

Swedish police officers are too afraid to travel to and from a new police station being built for the Muslim no-go zone of Rinkeby. Earlier this month, it was reported that plans for the

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File Photo -  (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

Schumer promises to filibuster Judge Gorsuch

Mar 23, 2017 16

Top Senate Democrat Charles Schumer is now officially on record as opposing President Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. The New York Democrat also said he would lead a filibuster against appeals court

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Google to hire more people to police ads on ‘questionable’ websites

Mar 23, 2017 2

(UPI) — Google announced Tuesday that it will hire more employees to deal with advertisers’ complaints about extremist content. Major brands abandoned the video sharing website YouTube, a Google property, after their ads were

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