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Another thing you can thank Obama for.  Don't let your daughter bring home one of these.

'Toxic masculinity'? Dude, now America's universities are turning men into women

Jan 18, 2017 26

Universities across the fruited plain are trying to convince men to grow lady parts. And that’s a problem, America. Campus Reform recently reported on efforts to provide “safe spaces” to fight back against what

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Teachers in Philadelphia Plan Black Lives Matter Week

Jan 18, 2017 26

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A teachers’ organization in Philadelphia is encouraging teachers to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts and buttons and provide lessons on the movement every day for one week. The Caucus of Working

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On his last Wednesday in office, Biden warns of the collapse of democracy

Jan 18, 2017 29

(UPI) — Vice President Joe Biden told a Davos, Switzerland, audience Friday the democratic world order is risking collapse, citing Russia as a destructive force. In his final address before he is replaced by

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Susan Brown

When the Press Loses Credibility

Jan 18, 2017 13

When is the press no longer the watchdog America’s founders intended to keep government accountable?When it reports and publishes unverified smears. America’s founders believed that a free press was of such significance they granted

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Israelis anticipate Trump's push for '1-state solution'

OneNewsNow.com Jan 18, 2017 9

After President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, conservatives in Israel are counting on the new commander-in-chief to bring about a “one-state-solution” in their conflict with

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