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Roger Aronoff

Questioning the Trump Doctrine on Iran

Apr 24, 2017 9

Recent comments by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warning that Iran could follow North Korea’s path of nuclear belligerence, and the Trump administration’s certification, in turn, that Iran is complying with the Joint Comprehensive

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Jeff Crouler

Trump’s Artful Egyptian Deal

Apr 24, 2017 4

With the release of an American charity worker Aya Hijazi, who was unjustly imprisoned in an Egyptian prison for three years, President Trump’s innovative approach to the Middle East has been vindicated. For weeks,

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Susan Brown

The Destruction of the West by Globalists

Apr 22, 2017 17

Ultra-liberal Sweden is becoming a shell of its former self because liberalism has turned this once peaceful country into a chaotic, multicultural cesspool of violence and unrest. Swedes have always taken pride in their

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Joe Guzzardi Feature

On Earth Day 2017, Limiting Population Growth Key to a Healthy Future

Apr 22, 2017 28

As a Californians for Population Stabilization Senior Writing Fellow, each Earth Day and on many other days during the year I address the key words that my organization strives for – population stabilization. Environmentalists

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‘Queer Communism’ Finds its Voice

Apr 21, 2017 7

Since MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is still preoccupied with the supposed influence of Russia on President Donald Trump and the American political process, we suggest that the publication of a new book called Communism for

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Hypocrisy in the Anti-O’Reilly Army

Apr 21, 2017 78

Fox News took Bill O’Reilly off the air after a heavy campaign to fire him led by CNN’s media unit and The New York Times. If all the charges of sexual harassment are true,

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Pat Buchanan feature

Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Apr 21, 2017 11

“You all start with the premise that democracy is some good. I don’t think it’s worth a damn. Churchill is right. The only thing to be said for democracy is that there is nothing

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Star Parker

A Berkeley Professor Who Understands His Job

Apr 21, 2017 3

Reading through a recent issue of Forbes Magazine, I came across a wonderful quote from inventor R. Buckminster Fuller. He observed: “You cannot change things by fighting existing reality: To change things you must

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Walter Williams

Worse Than Racists

Apr 20, 2017 11

As a group, black Americans have made the greatest gains — over some of the highest hurdles and in a very short span of time — of any racial group in mankind’s history. What’s

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When You Don’t Have a Message S- – – Will Do

Apr 20, 2017 4

Donald Trump won the presidency because he was seen as blunt and non-manipulative, as opposed to the robotic, incompetent Machiavellianism of Hillary Clinton — and because he demonstrated that he cared about the concerns

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