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A New Look Into Poverty in America

In 2015, as told on the Center for Advancing Opportunity website, Johnny C. Taylor Jr., then-president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, heard libertarian billionaire businessman Charles Koch, in a TV interview, discussing...

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  • AvatarReparations? Absolutely! The party of slavery aka DEMOCRAT should start doling out money from THEIR coffers to all the African-Americans…

    Comment by 1xnuke
    Posted in The Case Against Reparations Mar 3, 09:44
  • AvatarWill Obama get a half share even though his father was a recent student from Africa and was never enslaved…

    Comment by ringmaster
    Posted in The Case Against Reparations Mar 3, 09:41
  • AvatarYou are missing FOX news

    Comment by Max2349
    Posted in Fifth Column Mar 3, 09:29
  • AvatarI wish Biden’s ministry of propaganda would recognize that thinking Americans know the difference between cultural “diversity” and cultural “perversity”.…

    Comment by 1xnuke
    Posted in Biden’s Appointees: Diversity But Not Much Else Mar 3, 09:26
  • JoseyOdd that the Left absolutely ignores the intentional, premeditated mass murder of thousands by Cuomo, Newsom, Murphy, Whitmore and Wolf,…

    Comment by Josey
    Posted in New York lawmakers have deal to strip Cuomo of emergency COVID powers Mar 3, 09:22
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