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    49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick fined $11K for dropping N-word on the field

    GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Quarterback Colin Kaepernick awoke Sunday to a report that accused him of using a racial slur against the Chicago Bears in the 49ers' regular season home-opener. Kaepernick said after Sunday's 23-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals that he didn't use any such language a week earlier ... Read More

    Mental health of Marine held in Mexico is deteriorating

    Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a U.S. Marine reservist currently jailed in Mexico," is "highly despondent," his mother said. The 25-year-old was arrested in March after he said he mistakenly took three guns across the border into Mexico. He's still sitting in the El Hongo Penitentiary in Tecate, Mexico, a ... Read More

    DOJ wants media barred from Ferguson town hall meetings

    FERGUSON -- The news release was emailed to dozens of local and national media representatives earlier this week. The city of Ferguson was promoting a five-week series of "town hall" meetings beginning Monday to update residents "on changes the council wants the community to consider'' and to addres ... Read More

    Hundreds of thousands in climate protest

    Hundreds of thousands of people from Melbourne to Manhattan took to the streets yesterday to demand their leaders act on global warming, in the biggest display of public support for action to tackle climate change yet seen. The People's Climate March, whose organisers claimed it included 580,000 peo ... Read More

    Tens of Thousands Kurds flee for their lives

    In the wake of an Islamic State-offensive on Kurdish towns in northern Syria, about 66,000 Kurds have fled into neighboring Turkey. Since Tuesday, fighters loyal to the group calling itself the Islamic State began gaining ground in northern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported . B ... Read More

    Friday night in Chicago: 'Please don't let me die'

    A teen was shot to death and at least 14 other people, including a 12-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The most recent shooting was a homicide that happened about 4:10 a.m. Saturday in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, and the boy killed was t ... Read More

    Pamela Geller finances anti-Islam ads on NYC buses

    A blogger named Pamela Geller, known for her criticism of Islam, will be funding an ad campaign featuring images of Adolf Hitler and James Foley's beheading for the purpose of spreading what some consider an anti-Islam, pro-Israel message. The ads also feature an image of the unmasked British man so ... Read More

    Intruder makes it into White House

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Secret Service is coming under intense scrutiny after a man who hopped the White House fence made it all the way through the front door before being apprehended. President Barack Obama and his daughters had just departed the White House on Friday evening when an intruder scale ... Read More

    License plate scanner networks capture movements of all

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A rapidly expanding digital network that uses cameras mounted to traffic signals and police cruisers captures the movements of millions of vehicles across the U.S., regardless of whether the drivers are being investigated by law enforcement. The license plate scanning systems have ... Read More

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