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Painting, hung in Capitol Hill display by Democrat Rep. William Lacy Clay, St. Louis.

Black Caucus Painting Depicting Cops as Pigs to Come Down Permanently

Jan 14, 2017 74

WASHINGTON (AP) — A GOP congressman reported Friday that a painting stirring controversy on Capitol Hill will be taken down Tuesday after the agency responsible for maintaining the Capitol complex determined it violated rules

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Precious little snowflakes will wear pussyhats to inaugural protest

Jan 14, 2017 34

At Woven Art, a yarn shop in East Lansing, there’s a run on hot pink yarn. The same is true at Spun in Ann Arbor. Bright pink yarn is flying off the shelves at

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Our Warmonger President and the Lapdog Press

Jan 14, 2017 11

President Obama has moved the nation toward war with Russia, up to 500,000 are dead in Syria, Libya is a disaster, and Germany is welcoming a Muslim invasion of Europe that threatens the collapse

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A member of the St. Louis County Police Department takes cover at a protest in Ferguson, Mo., Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015. The one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson began with a march in his honor and ended with a protest that was interrupted by gunfire. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Pew Survey: Ferguson Effect is real

Jan 14, 2017 9

ATLANTA (AP) — The so-called “Ferguson effect” – officers backing off of policing out of fear that their actions will be questioned after the fact – has been talked about but never really quantified.

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Pat Buchanan feature

Trump's Enemies See an Opening

Jan 14, 2017 5

“Fake news!” roared Donald Trump, the work of “sick people.” The president-elect was referring to a 35-page dossier of lurid details of his alleged sexual misconduct in Russia, worked up by a former British

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Can America protect itself from nuclear-armed missiles? Maybe not

Jan 14, 2017 4

WASHINGTON, U.S. – According to the Pentagon’s weapons testing office, the America’s $36 billion system of ground-based interceptors cannot be guaranteed to shoot down a nuclear-armed missile aimed at United States by hostile nations

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Army seeking biodegradable bullets

Jan 14, 2017 8

WASHINGTON (UPI) — The U.S. Army has posted a solicitation for biodegradable ammunition to be used during training exercises. In the solicitation, the Army notes the branch manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of

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(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Ryan: Trump deportation task force not happening; no assistance for sanctuary cities

Jan 13, 2017 96

WASHINGTON (UPI) — House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said a deportation force to remove millions of undocumented immigrants under President-elect Donald Trump’s administration is “not happening.” Ryan made the comment during a CNN town

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(AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Obama's DOJ says Chicago police regularly engage in excessive force

Jan 13, 2017 23

The Chicago police department regularly uses force that is “unjustified, disproportionate and otherwise excessive”, federal investigators have concluded. In a scathing review, investigators with the justice department found that police violated both the fourth

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FILE - In this Dec. 14, 2011, file photo, Eric Rego stitches boots in the facility where LL Bean boots are assembled in Brunswick, Maine. L.L. Bean has a backlog of 51,000 orders for their famous boots that it intends to fill in the coming weeks. A company spokeswoman says harsh winter weather and the boot’s ongoing popularity are driving demand. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach, File)

Trump, LePage blast boycott of LL Bean

Jan 13, 2017 12

FREEPORT, Maine — A California-based boycott effort that targeted L.L. Bean after the founder’s granddaughter donated to a pro-Donald Trump political action committee ignited a social media firestorm Thursday, including a tweet from the

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