If Roy Moore has a seedy past when it comes to sexual improprieties with underage and young girls — at least, allegedly — and should therefore drop his aspirations for higher political office, then so, too, should Joe Biden.

After all, Moore’s accusers are verbal claimants. They’re talking about incidents that may or may not have occurred 40 years ago. It’s all he-said, she-said at this point. It’s all politically charged, as well.

And not to defend Moore — if he’s guilty of what’s been alleged, the guy’s got to go. He has no business serving in the Senate — no business walking around free, for that matter.

Child molesters are scum. Pure and simple, no matter their party politics.

But here’s a thought: Those pining for Moore to step aside right now, at a time when it’s all allegations, nothing factual, ought to take a look at some of those who’ve served, who continue to serve and who may soon be serving in higher political capacities — and call for their ousters in similar manner.

Biden, for example, didn’t earn the moniker Creepy Uncle Joe for nothing.

There are YouTubes galore showing the guy in seeming states of various lechery with women of various ages — some of them, younger than the 14-year-old Moore’s been accused of sexually touching in Alabama. Doubtless, his defenders would say Biden’s simply friendly — affectionate, even. Maybe, misunderstood, or unfairly maligned.

But those with eyes — decide for yourself.

In one video, Biden’s shown on C-SPAN grabbing hold of a little girl’s left arm and whispering uncomfortably close to her ear — so close, in fact, she noticeably squirms and edges slightly away.

In another C-SPAN clip he’s shown standing directly behind another girl, maybe around the age of 13, and placing his hands possessively on her shoulders and playing with her hair. Again, he leans in close for some quick whispers.

In yet another C-SPAN video, Biden physically pulls a young teenage girl in red dress from the midst of what appears to be her parents, and sets her directly by him — where he actually rears his torso directly against the side of her body. She looks uncomfortable, to say the least, especially when he won’t let her go and instead, slides her in front of him and wraps his arm about her waist. Cue creepy whispering — ’cause yet again, Biden bends to the little girl’s ear.

Then there’s the one of Biden, caught on C-SPAN yet again, of standing behind a little girl who can’t be older than 8 or 9, draping his arm over her shoulder to a crazily low point on her torso. Yes, by all appearances, he’s angling for her chest. When she shifts to the side and gives him a little elbow jab, he tries to go back with the hand, but then settles, a few seconds later, for playing with her hair.

There are more. Those are descriptions of but a few.

But seriously, video talks. So do media reports that paint Biden as upsetting female Secret Service agents by blatantly swimming nude in front of them. Still, at least Secret Service women are of age. They’re not little girls.

They’re not young, innocent females.

And on that score, what video of Biden says is this: Mothers, keep your daughters safe.

Keep away from ol’ Creepy Joe.

Is this what America wants as a possible president?

Biden’s not been convicted of anything related to child molestation or inappropriate sexual behaviors involving minors — no, not even charged. But if it’s as Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and failed presidential candidate, says, that “innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections,” then Biden ought not be putting himself out there as a potential 2020 Democratic White House candidate. True, Romney meant that remark for Moore. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, yes?

What’s good for a Republican should be good for a Democrat.

If Moore’s got to go, Biden should, too.

Come to think of it — even if Moore doesn’t have to go, even if his accusers all turn out to be false and his story of innocence pans true — Biden should still stay away from politics.

These videos are just too disturbing to dismiss. And surely, if trust is a factor for a wannabe White House commander in chief, then voters should be able to answer the simple question of “Would you trust your daughter with this man?” with a resounding and unblinking yes, not a hem or haw or hedge. Heck, it isn’t even a question that should come to mind when considering a presidential candidate.

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