US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has urged new sanctions on North Korea, says failing to act would be ‘catastrophic’

Mr Tillerson’s call for new sanctions came during an address to the United Nations Friday and followed weeks of mounting tensions over North Korea’s nuclear program.

“All options for responding to future provocation must remain on the table. Diplomatic and financial levers of power will be backed up by a willingness to counteract North Korean aggression with military action if necessary,” Mr Tillerson said. “We much prefer a negotiated solution to this problem but we are committed to defending ourselves and our allies against North Korean aggression.”

“This new pressure campaign will be swiftly implemented and painful to North Koran interest,” Mr Tillerson said, noting that ally nations to North Korea may not approve. “But the catastrophic effects of a North Korean nuclear strike outweigh any economic benefits. We must be willing to face the hard truths and mark hard choices right now to prevent disastrous outcomes in the future. Business as usual is not an option.”

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