Raquel Martinez is terrified for America’s future.

Our family values are crumbling. We are increasingly abandoning the Christian principles that have forged and guided our national ethos. Our traditional freedoms are being attacked by a socialist and politically correct national agenda. For her, there is only one way to stop the erosion and set America back on track: Elect the anti-establishment.

What better way to subvert the status quo than to vote for Donald Trump?

Since moving to Missouri with her husband in 1976 (the year the Republican National Convention was hosted in KC), Martinez, 76, has been an active Republican. She campaigned for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 and served as a Missouri delegate at both year’s national conventions. In 2003 she became a founding member of Hispanic Republicans of Missouri, a Section 527 nonprofit organization created to help recruit, assist and elect Republican candidates.

She spent nearly 30 years as a schoolteacher but is now retired and spending most of her time with her also-retired husband and their three grandchildren. They live in south Kansas City.

Martinez says she considers all political issues when deciding whom to support, but she draws a hard line at abortion. Martinez has never voted for a pro-abortion rights candidate in her life and never will.

This means supporting a candidate who has never held public office and is reeling from a historically dismal approval rating from both women and Latino voter blocs. It means voting for a candidate who announced his presidential bid with a speech that wholesale described Mexicans as criminals and rapists and who has been painted as a serial and vehement sexist.

Martinez, , says she’s willing to look past those fumbles because she believes Trump will most ardently fight for her freedoms.

“No matter who you put in the White House, we’ve seen as far as their morals, they’re not that great,” she says. “I don’t like the women’s stuff that has come up. Yet who is without sin that can cast the first stone?”

Certainly, Martinez believes, not Hillary Clinton. When asked how she responds to the accusations that Trump is categorically unfit for the office of the presidency she bristles at the alternative, calling Clinton “untrue, corrupt and a proven liar.”

Martinez is a devout Catholic. Her religion informs her stances on many hot-button issues: “When you destroy my religion, you destroy my values,” she says.

Martinez is against gay marriage and LGBT rights, abhors the “war on Christmas” as an attack on Christianity and decries the pervasiveness of political correctness. She says she can’t say the word “Muslim” without “being crucified.”

She is drawn to Trump because he “is a strong individual who honors the Constitution.” She points to his lack of political career as a positive, noting that if elected he will have only the American people’s interest at heart, unlike his opponent who “owes too many political favors.”

Also, she just doesn’t trust Clinton.

“Right now, America is headed towards being socialist. If we elect Clinton, it certainly will become one,” Martinez says. “We will be a dictatorship run by the government, that’s how strongly I feel about their differences. I think Trump is more qualified.”


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