In another era, it was standard practice among all TV stations to sign off around 1 a.m. or so with a straightforward version of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” accompanied by patriotic images of the American flag, jets flying in formation and other stirring fare.

One Georgia-based broadcast news organization has returned to that practice — and reinvented it to suit today’s 24/7 broadcast format.

“It was a tradition for years — the playing of the national anthem at the end of television stations’ broadcast day. Gray Television stations across the country will begin airing the national anthem each day,” the Atlanta group said in a statement.

The company operates 93 TV stations around the nation and maintains a news bureau in Washington which produced the two-minute spot — and also will begin airing a weekly news show anchored by broadcaster Greta Van Susteren in the fall.

The new Gray TV sign-off features an appealing, simple vocal of the national anthem, combined with gorgeous, high-definition images of the American flag, military troops, spectacular scenery, thundering mustangs and moments of peace. The brief production is both classy and very effective. The “Star-Spangled Banner” moment will air around 4 a.m. each day, marking transition from late evening programming to pre-dawn fare.

The local affiliates appear very enthusiastic about the decision.

“There was a time when television stations would sign off their broadcast day with video of the Stars and Stripes waving in the wind as the National Anthem played at dawn’s early light,” reported WBAY, a Wisconsin station that calls the sign-off a “uniquely American tradition.”

The station — along with many of its sister broadcasters — will feature the new sign off beginning Wednesday.


Democrats recently declared that support of abortion is a veritable “litmus test” for those who want to become the party’s presidential nominee. A member of the clergy offers a different take.

“In recent months, multiple states like Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana have passed laws to curb access to abortion. The left and the mainstream media are spinning a narrative that a draconian cabal of lawmakers is unjustly trying to take power away from women, and that under these laws women will face unspeakable horrors as they make their way to backroom alleys to have abortions performed with coat hangers,” writes the Rev. Nathaniel Thomas, pastor of Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church in Maryland.

“Loud is the outrage and sharp is the criticism from women’s groups, college students, and prominent Democratic leaders. But the fact of the matter is that over 61 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Over 19 million of those babies were African American,” Mr. Thomas says in his commentary for The Daily Signal, a publication of The Heritage Foundation.

“The liberal Left continue to push their radical agenda against American values. The left loves to play identity politics when it suits their agenda, but the uncomfortable facts on abortion cut against their narrative: While blacks only make up 13% of the population, they account for over one-third of all abortions in the U.S.,” the pastor said.

He is looking to the clergy for some answers.

“Today, many pastors seem more concerned about losing church members than saving babies, and are silent when the only right thing to do is to speak out,” Mr. Thomas advised. “Parishioners, politicians, and certainly my fellow preachers and I, should be judged not only for what we believe about abortion, but also for how we respond to the abortion crisis. Will we stick our heads in the sand and mumble about the church being a no-politics zone? Or will we actually admit that there are no zones from which the church and its influence should be barred?”


So what’s happening on the Mexican borders as of Monday?

Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Martha Barcena Coqui served on the negotiating with U.S. officials over immigration challenges. Now she explains the particulars of the moment,

“We will deploy the National Guard Monday,” Ms. Coqui told CBS “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan.

“We will see how the results of the deployment of the National Guard, which by the way, is not similar to the National Guard of the U.S. It is a police force based on the models of the European military police — like the Carabinieri, like the Gendarmerie, like the Guardia Civil Espanola. So we have to understand that when people talk about deployment of troops, they are wrong. What we are deploying is a police force, and we are deploying it to put order in the borders,” the ambassador explained.

The Carabinieri, incidentally, is the national military police force in Italy, the Gendarmie has the same function in France, the Guardia Civil Espanola in Spain. All three were established centuries ago.

Mexico also has vowed to dismantle human trafficking organizations and their financial and transportation networks, and increase coordinated actions with American efforts, according to U.S. State Department, which calls these measures “unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration.”


“Progressive plagiarism”

Handy term coined by Instapunidit contributor Ed Driscoll, citing evidence from Politico and other sources that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and other presidential hopefuls appear to be cribbing content from a variety of uncredited sources to enhance their campaign messages.

“2020 Dems have widespread practice of lifting policy material. It’s not just Biden. The 2020 campaigns are well-practiced in the art of cribbing material from other websites,” Politico noted in its analysis.


• 69% of Democratic voters say it’s important for their 2020 presidential nominee to have “decades of political experience.”

• 53% say it’s important for their nominee be under the age of 70.

• 53% say it’s important the nominee be “a liberal.”

• 47% say it’s important the nominee be “a moderate.”

• 40% say it’s important the nominee be “a political insider.”

• 31% say it’s important for the nominee to be under age 50.

• 26% say it’s important the nominee be “a political outsider.”

Source: A Politico/Morning Consult poll of 744 registered Democratic voters conducted May 31-June 2.

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