A conservative radio commentator is arguing that the mainstream media has a vested interest in presenting an image of black males that is factually inaccurate.

In a study published in June, the American Enterprise Institute reports that a “substantial share” of black men in the U.S. “are realizing the American dream – at least financially – and a clear majority are not poor.” Specifically, according to that study, more than half (57%) of African-American men have made it into the middle class or higher as adults. That’s up from 38% in 1960. Over the same time period, the percentage of black men who are poor has dropped from 41% to 18%.

As expected, AEI attributes those financial improvements to such things as higher education and full-time work – but also says three other factors not often found in discussions of race played significant roles in that success: military service, the black church, and marriage.

On Monday, American Family Radio host Abraham Hamilton III discussed the AEI study – and shared his thoughts on why those who limit their exposure to the mainstream media likely won’t hear about it at all:

“The primary reason is because many of those [media] outlets are invested in the Saul Alinsky strategy of dividing the American populace into groups of haves and have-nots. And as many different identity-political ideations that they can develop, as many different groups they can segment society into, pitting one group against another, the greater chance they have at successfully manipulating the American populace and moving them in their direction.

“The second reason is because the factors from this study that contribute to the financial successes – in spite of the historical injustices that have ensnared our country – [include] work ethic. But AEI went a little deeper than that. The study found that black men who served in our military are more likely than those who did not serve in our military to be in the middle or higher class financially.

“The AEI story [also] found that black men who frequently attended church services at a young age were more likely to achieve financially than those who did not attend church services.

“You mean to tell me that in spite of all the hand-wringing and the broadside swipes at God’s church, that there’s a financial benefit that results from people learning the Lord’s principles at a young age? That’s what the study found: that the men who were church attenders at a young age – men who were reared in the nurture and admonition of the Lord – it had an impact on their wealth in their later years.

“Could that be part of the reason [those in the media] don’t want to talk about what contributes to toward black men having financial success in this country?

“Another contributing factor that they found was that black men who got married and stayed married ended up having more financial liquidity in their older ages.

“You probably don’t hear too much about these kinds of studies because they reveal that if you … lean on philosophies that exclude the preeminence of Jesus Christ [you] are setting yourself up for delusion or deception – and to be taken captive.

“Nothing in this study cuts against the facts we know about America’s historical injustices – but in spite of all of that, this study shows that now we are living in a time where [more than half of black] men who were born in 1960s are in the higher class financially. That is a testament to the goodness not merely to those men, but a testament to what we are as American people. Here we are, in the wake of all [those historical injustices], and we’re at a place where the overwhelming majority of black men are in the middle to upper class.

“The media doesn’t want us to have these stories at the front of our minds; they don’t want us to see this because this is the real America. This is what America’s promise was in its founding – and this is what we’re living in now. This is a testimony of what’s available.”

‘Real America’ being ignored

Mychal Massie is a conservative black political activist who advocates for a true colorblind society. In a recent column entitled “Progressives don’t want Blacks thinking,” he rips into blacks who curse the country that has given them so much – and yet embrace the very people largely responsible for their ancestors being enslaved.

“Muslims are responsible in no small part for slavery in America and the supplying of black slaves to America – and yet black people love Muslims and hate white people [and] curse the country that has provided so much,” he tells OneNewsNow.

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And Massie recalls what the great black leader Booker T. Washington once wrote. “He thanked the God of providence because it was a miracle of providence that the Africans were brought to America as slaves,” the columnist states.

Massie says while it’s unpopular to point that out that Muslims were the most prolific slave traders in the past, it’s even more unpopular to point out that Islam virtually owns the flourishing global slave industry today.

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