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  • Scruffy_USN_Retired on Big Tech’s Armageddon: ““Most Democrats in Congress are rooting for more censorship. They’ve become the anti-free speech party.” “Since taking office, Joe Biden…Oct 4, 08:38
  • PatriotUSA on Big Tech’s Armageddon: “But the tech giants’ day of reckoning is near. Justice Clarence Thomas is taking them on. This has been a…Oct 4, 08:33
  • Scruffy_USN_Retired on Reality Does Not Have a Liberal Bias: “U.S. treasonous Democrat Party ruled public schools and college campuses have been making socialist “snowflakes” out of students and turning…Oct 4, 08:25
  • Scruffy_USN_Retired on Organized retail crime on the rise and has caught the attention of law enforcement: “Isn’t this wonderful?…..NOT!!! The damn liberal Democrats have defunded the police, put Blacks on pedestals and “Petty Larceny,” which means…Oct 4, 08:15
  • sotheseedsofliberty2 on Biden’s a Loser — but Democrats Can’t Ditch Him: ““When Race Trumps Merit. By Heather MacDonald.” But democrat ( Woke, ) policies are the democrat’s Bread And Butter. Puppet,…Oct 4, 08:13


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