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  • AvatarThe democratic party consist of a conglomerate of slobs and sloppy fools. Clinton, Obama, Polosi, and all the other disgusting…

    Comment by NotADemocrat
    Posted in Trump’s adversaries have plotted a lengthy course Jan 27, 10:05
  • AvatarYeah look at the 80,000 jobs that squid-pro-joe just eliminated, bet those unionists are proud of that one, yeah they…

    Comment by kd6vkj
    Posted in Delivery! Jan 27, 09:34
  • AvatarCOMMENTAnother perfect example of ‘if you cannot win fairly, change the rules.’ This man should be banned from every holding…

    Comment by sidphuff
    Posted in Eric Holder urges Democrats to pack Supreme Court; Schumer considering it Jan 27, 09:32
  • AvatarThe dishonest satan worshipping DEMONcrats havecalready declared that all those who voted for TRUMP have committed either acts of treason…

    Comment by kd6vkj
    Posted in Delivery! Jan 27, 09:31
  • AvatarThe liberal supporting media need to get some talented people instead of the lugs they have like Acosta. They are…

    Comment by NotADemocrat
    Posted in Trump Blasts CNN’s Acosta as ‘Rude, Terrible Person’ Jan 27, 09:22
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