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  • PatriotUSA on Street crime hits the elite: “And the assailant was most likely just let out of prison by a Leftist judge. Justice Served !Jul 27, 07:56
  • PatriotUSA on Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Jan. 6: “The worthless Republicans need to remind our Commie Left friends that their insurrection on May 29 2020 was far worse…Jul 27, 07:50
  • Son Of Thunder on New Nuclear Deal Would Empower the Iranian Regime: “It would not surprise me if they have nuclear weapons already. They are not interested in negotiations unless everything is…Jul 27, 07:47
  • Son Of Thunder on Biden voters begin to wake up: ““I’m driving America over the edge—this looks like fun!!!”Jul 27, 07:28
  • ac0522 on CNN’S Lemon of a Town Hall Meeting: “Must give credit to CNN & Lemon for turning whatever small number of citizens actually had the iron stomach wherewithal…Jul 26, 23:37
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