GOPUSA publishes opinion from a wide variety of writers addressing political issues, policy, news, or current events. It is not possible to publish every column that GOPUSA receives, but each one receives a review.

Here are some items to consider when submitting columns:

  • Columns should be timely.
  • Columns should preferably be no more than 800-850 words, although longer columns may be considered.
  • Columns should be well researched, and sources should be available should facts be challenged.
  • All columns must be the original work of the author making the submission.

GOPUSA will not edit spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Writers have a better chance of being published if the column is ready to go, with no corrections necessary.

GOPUSA reserves the right to refuse or remove any submission or published column at its sole discretion.

The Submission Process

Please send op-ed submissions to

GOPUSA prefers to receive columns as attachments in Word or Pages format but plain text files will also be accepted. Please include your name, address, phone number and a color photo with your first submission. GOPUSA will only publish the author’s name and photo with the column, but the other information is required for record-keeping purposes.

GOPUSA will not publish columns under pseudonyms.

Prospective authors should include a short one-paragraph bio with each column submitted. This paragraph should include biographical facts but should not include any political statements, as those should be included in the column submissions.

Writers may submit their work at any time.

GOPUSA publishes Monday through Saturday.

GOPUSA Mission and Values for Opinion Columns

GOPUSA spreads the conservative message across America to a widely varied audience.

GOPUSA strives to reach people of all races and religions and to explain why conservative principles are the best choice for every American.

In keeping with that message, GOPUSA does not publish columns that are deemed offensive on matters of race or religion. If race or religion is part of the column, the topic should always be addressed in a professional manner.

GOPUSA focuses on a high standard of professionalism in all web content, publications, and activities. As such, GOPUSA does not publish the following:

  • Columns with excessive use of profanity. It may occasionally be necessary to use a quote by someone else that includes such language, but that is the only exception that GOPUSA will permit.
  • Racist or discriminatory material.
  • Conspiracy theories that cannot be substantiated by documented evidence.
  • Any article that advocates breaking the law.

GOPUSA does not pay for submissions. By submitting a column, the author grants GOPUSA permission to publish the work on the GOPUSA web site. Publication on GOPUSA does not restrict an author from publishing the same column on other outlets.

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