Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed two pro-life bills Thursday that will defund Planned Parenthood $8 million — just months after its scandal involving the selling of baby body parts.

As the pro-life governor signed the bills at the Life’s Connection women’s health clinic in Waukesha, Wis. — which assists women with alternatives to abortion — he made it clear that taxpayer dollars should in no way fund the infamous abortion provider.

“We want to make sure as taxpayers, whether it’s state funds or federal funds that come through the state of Wisconsin, that they’re used in the way that’s responsible and reasonable,” Walker expressed after signing the bills, according to LifeNews.

Both bills specifically rerouted tax dollars so that they would not end up in the hands of abortionists across the Badger State.

“AB 310/SB 237, which has already been passed by the State Assembly, redirects federal Title X family planning funds away from organizations that perform abortions, meaning $3.5 million taxpayer dollars will be driven away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin,” LifeNews’ Steven Ertelt explained. “SB 238/AB 311 dramatically reduces Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s artificially inflated Medicaid reimbursement rates, and will eliminate $4.5 million taxpayer funds that have previously gone to Planned Parenthood.”

Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield, Wis.) stressed that protecting the sanctity of human life has been a longstanding goal, which is addressed in his legislation that Walker signed this week.

A Closer Look“This is a consistent stance with where I have always been, where many others in this body have always been, and that is, we are going to protect life,” Kapenga said in a media statement regarding the bill he authored. “I believe that that begins at conception, and I believe that one of the cornerstones of the Declaration of Independence and what our Constitution is drafted around is the protection of life.”

Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director Heather Weininger has supported the bills for some time.

“These bills, AB 310 and SB 238, are essential steps towards steering funds away from an organization that has been mired in controversy,” Weininger told LifeNews at an earlier date before the signing of the bills. “[They are] two key bills to curb Planned Parenthood’s use of taxpayer dollars in the state of Wisconsin.”

Instead of agreeing with the bills’ intention of protecting innocent life, Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) contends that the bills are really about passing a vindictive agenda against abortion.

The argument, however, was shot down by Sen. Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville, Wis.), who noted that Republican are not seeking to eliminate birth control. He also stressed that the Democrats’ contention that Republicans are challenging access to birth control is utterly false, adding that he believes that it is more than “easy to find.”

“Women’s birth control? I’m for women’s birth control,” Stroebel asserted. “I think probably most everybody else here is, too. That’s not an issue. I support women’s health care. I think everybody else here does. What we don’t support is a taxpayer subsidy for a private abortion provider. That’s what this bill is about. We are for women’s health care, and we want to see that that is available.”

Winning the battle for life

After Walker ended Planned Parenthood’s state funding in 2011, it has had to close five of its Wisconsin clinics. Backing the move, Weininger points out that there are 16 non-controversial, federally qualified health care centers that operate across 96 service facilities across Wisconsin that offer women true health care services. She emphasizes that they are all far better candidates for Title X funds than the notorious Planned Parenthood.

“We need to look past puffed up claims such as the belief that without Planned Parenthood, women will not have access to care like mammograms,” Weininger argues. “The reality is, not a single Planned Parenthood facility provides mammograms within their doors, just referrals to health care facilities that do provide them. By the admission of Planned Parenthood’s President and CEO Teresa Huyck in her deposition for Planned Parenthood v. Van Hollen, in 2012 alone Planned Parenthood performed about 4,000 abortions, approximately 60 percent of all Wisconsin abortions in that year, and the ‘vast majority’ of the services in the Appleton North and Milwaukee-Jackson centers are abortion.”

Furthermore, it is reported that Planned Parenthood is not about parenthood at all — but rather about intentionally eliminating it.

“[B]ased on the numbers from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s 2013-2014 Annual Report, 19 out of every 20 pregnant women who walk through their doors are sold abortion, and abortion outnumbers adoption referrals by a ratio of 174 to one,” LIfeNews informed from a report provided by Wisconsin Right to Life. “Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion makes up “3 percent” of its services is conjured up by parceling out each individual service it does, from a pregnancy test to a pap smear, even if all of these services are done at one visit, with one client, which is a gross manipulation of their numbers.”

Still in hot water

Planned Parenthood is still under investigation via numerous hearings that are still being conducted in Congress over the federally funded clinic’s alleged violation of multiple laws to sell aborted baby body parts nationwide.

National Right to Life Committee General Counsel James Bopp argued before the House Judiciary Committee in the first hearing that the world’s largest abortion provider is likely guilty of violating a number of federal laws through its transaction of selling aborted babies and their body parts for research purposes.

“Recorded conversations, released by the Center for Medical Progress reveal many legal issues with Planned Parenthood’s procedures and practices regarding fetal tissue procurement,” Bopp stated.

Despite the preponderance of evidence against Planned Parenthood, Democrats accused pro-life advocates of doctoring the incriminating videos of the sale of baby body parts, insisting that they were “heavily edited” to incriminate the abortion providers. However, Democrats objected to an attempt by Republicans to show the videos and refused to watch them.

In defense of the selling of baby body parts, the head of Planned Parenthood attempted to make the scandal look more humane.

“At a third hearing, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards defended the sales of abortion babies,” LifeNews reported. “She contended that no baby has ever been born alive following a botched abortion. [But] she essentially admitted that claims Planned Parenthood does mammograms are a lie, and she defended her exorbitantly high salary as the head of the nation’s biggest abortion business.”

Bopp, however, says that there is no question that Planned Parenthood is blatantly on the wrong side of the law.

“These procedures and practices of Planned Parenthood, and their tissue procurement partners, show that federal laws when applicable, have been and are continuing to be violated during the procurement and sale of human fetal tissue,” Bopp concluded.


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