Students at the University of Texas-San Antonio recently shared their support for Planned Parenthood by singing pro-abortion versions of “For What It’s Worth (Stop, Hey What’s That Sound)” in a “fetus graveyard.”

The hit 1960s protest song that urged citizens to “look what’s going down” was used during an April protest, although 2019’s student-activists had a different subject on their mind than the band Buffalo Springfield: pro-abortion activism.

The spectacle took place April 9 in response to an event by Students for Life, the organization reported Monday.

[The relevant video is embedded at the bottom of this story. Content warning: Includes explicit language.]

What the Planned Parenthood supporters mocked as a “fetus graveyard” actually represented “the 911 lives lost due to the abortions Planned Parenthood commits every day and the 911 women’s and families lives that were impacted by those abortions.”

“There was a protest formed against us as soon as we set up,” Sarah Zarr, the group’s Texas Regional Coordinator said. “The students who protested us are in a campus group called Students United for Planned Parenthood. Some of the members came to talk to us, but would not have dialogue they just wanted to shout their points at us. One girl told me I was using my white privilege and ‘wasn’t allowed to be out there talking about this issue when it affects black women.'”

Footage of the Planned Parenthood supporters was also published Tuesday on YouTube.

“Stop, hey what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground,” one of the activists said.

Others meandered through the “fetus graveyard” while gleefully disclosing past abortions.

“Shout out to Planned Parenthood,” said a second activist.

“When I say ‘Planned,’ you say ‘Parenthood.’ When I say ‘aborted,’ you say ‘fetuses,'” added another.

Ms. Zarr added that a police report was filed against a male student who walked up to the Students for Life table, grabbed all of its information booklets, and ran off before throwing them in a gutter.

“The police said they couldn’t do anything because we were handing out the info he didn’t technically steal, even though we said not all of it was to take,” Ms. Zarr said. “[An officer] finally let us file a police report, but said charges can’t be made until they investigate.

“Riddle me this,” responded the “Louder with Crowder” website on Tuesday in response to the video. “Where’s the common ground we’re supposed to find with these animals who’re proud of killing their own children? … They’re not sorry, they know what they did, and they want to maintain the ‘right’ to keep killing children if children interfere with their life plans.”

Warning: The following video includes explicit language.

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