Journalist Piers Morgan says “physically shuddering” friends who loath President Trump “cannot continue to deny” his efforts to fulfill campaign promises.

The host of “Good Morning Britain” took to the op-ed pages of the Daily Mail on Monday to persuade “hysterical liberals screaming themselves digitally hoarse” that America’s commander in chief will thwart them until they seek an honest assessment of his appeal.

The journalist said that while Mr. Trump may say and do “offensive and totally unnecessary things,” U.S. voters see him as a man of his word.

“On social media, every minute of every day, I see hysterical liberals screaming themselves digitally hoarse with rage at his very existence,” Mr. Moran said. “I have friends, and indeed family members, who can’t utter his name without physically shuddering. To them, Trump epitomizes the very worst kind of leader and the very worst kind of American.”

“Yet, there’s one thing even his most vociferous enemies — and that is a historically high volume of human beings — cannot continue to deny, and it’s this: Donald Trump delivers on his promises.”

Mr. Morgan cited the following to buttress his claim:

Mr. Trump’s administration has aggressively pursued ISIS in the Middle East. “GDP expanded 3.3% in the third quarter, and the stock market keeps breaking new records.” The U.S. is moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Mr. Trump “moved to renegotiate NAFTA.” The president rejected the Paris climate accord.

The British television host then noted falling levels of illegal immigration into the U.S. before comparing Mr. Trump to former President Barack Obama.

“Regardless of what you think of it, this [list] was something Trump said he’d do and he has done it,” Mr. Morgan said. “By contrast, Obama — an eloquent, intelligent and thoughtful man liked and admired by almost the entire world — abjectly failed on many of his biggest promises including pledges to close Guantanamo Bay, get new gun control laws, create a path to citizenship for undocumented illegals, reform Washington, and end the war in Afghanistan.”

His column concluded with a warning to colleagues in the media to stop “reporting false anti-Trump stories.”

“In the past 10 days alone, journalists from four supposedly reputable media organizations (ABC, CNN, Bloomberg and Washington Post) have had to retract stories — a shameful state of affairs that simply serves to strengthen his point,” Mr. Morgan said. “Love him or loathe him, Trump’s doing exactly what he told them he’d do.”

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